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the conspiracy of colour (advisory: contains nuts) & so much for the conspiracy of colour

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on May 13, 2007

Sunday, May 13 2007 

i can’t be the only one who’s made the colour connection between the two towns who’ve suffered recent disasters. blacksburg and greensburg.
might the next event be planned for brownsburg, qc? shit happens. or some other coloured burg. these colours remind me of a paul auster story but that has no relevance here.
a theory. afghanistan, palestine, jordan and irak, whose folks don’t hide their hostility towards the u.s.a. and its allies and who openly pray for divine retribution, have black and green in their flags. could allah be listening? red/orange and white are colours to watch for in names of towns that could be host to the next big event. baton rouge, orangeburg, mont blanc, whitehall, bayreuth, rougemont, rosenborg.
naan nutbread


1. slyvan writes:

good thing I’m not allergic to nuts.

2. Campbie ibn Urbain writes:

Scottish crofters crafters and grifters will be free from the frightful fray. Is it the egregious determinism of Calvin & Knox™ ? Nah. It’s the impossible target that is plaid tartan. What of the wearing of the green ? Blue Bayou ? Look out Safari 4 skin !

So much for the conspiracy of colour (advisory: contains nuts)

Tuesday, May 15 2007 

So Jerry Falwell croaked in Lynchburg. I know lynch isn’t a colour but sometimes lynch and colour are used in the same, uh, sentence…Hang in. I somehow don’t think this is the next big event but one can’t deny the burg part of it. So maybe it’s about burgs.

Naan Nutter




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