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Montreal Attractions: The Look-out or Le Lock-out at the Cemetery (contains bones of contention)

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on June 12, 2007


Has anyone been up on Mount Royal lately? The grounds keepers and/or grave diggers at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery have been on strike (lock-out now) for more than a month and they are on a rotating shift outside the locked gates sprawled in deck chairs under little white tents sipping stuff out of opaque cups. Tim’s or Wild Turkey? Sustenance for the poor workers, indeed. The backhoes are silent. I was tempted to stop by and lend them support because it all looked so fun with the fluttering standards of fluorescent spray-painted syndicate slogans anchored to the venerable old wrought-iron fence. Then I remembered that my mother’s grandparents when they bought their double plot in 1908 had opted for the “perpetual care” package and I got ticked off. The place is so overgrown and forlorn i’m reminded of Gray’s Elegy in a Country Churchyard, minus the parts about the cows and Cromwell. The bodies, of Grey’s Anatomy.

I didn’t realize that Notre-Dame-des-Neiges had opted for amalgamation back when. One city, one graveyard*. Who voted for that? Dead Souls a la Gogol?
Maybe it was the burrowers.

Naan le Neant

* Thank you to Campbell Hendery,
author of “One city, one snowplow.”
His comment on the forced
amalgamation of Montreal.


Ex Cemetary Worker writes:
On OUR side of the fence the grass is short enough to putt.
For The record
I shall be spending eternity in the family plot on Lilac Knoll.
When I worked At Mount Royal Cem in ‘70 it was 6 days a week @1.50 an hour.

lily writes:
actually i think it’s kind of nice all that tall grass amid the tombstones.

Storm und Drain writes:
I miss pino. Never cottoned to onip.
Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas

2z or not 2z writes:
It’s as though the executive branch grew another branch and….gee this
is a recurring theme in the news these days. Everybody’s doing the
Dick Croutine. Soon it’ll be Hallibut on Fridays . I don’t know the
legalities of suing the diocese but if they claim executive infallibility,
then ,as in Rome and Washington, the executive branch wins by
definition….. what a strange planet . Where’s Bizzarro Superman … or at least
Bizarro Lois Lane to shed light on this matter. Dick C and “Eggs” B
seem to have been counselling eachother

2z or not 2z writes:

So where does the buck actually stop ? Seems to me that ownership must
step in if management can’t manage…..and clearly they can’t . There
are many being left solace and comfort free when they need it the most.
Somebody is failing the flock and one cannot put this on some guy with
a shovel or a lawnmower.

2z or not 2z writes:
One thing is clear. The mourning process has been mercilessly
hearsejacked and there is profound emotional and existential distress being
suffered by people in a most vulnerable situation. Let the living “bury their dead”.

Author : One Time Law Student Comment:
My theory is that the Churchâ„¢ (One True, that is) will dodge behind
the fact thhat pots aren’t owned but are leased for 99 years. It’s
called an empheutetic lease. They will then put sheep to graze midst the
ketatinery la bas. The Sheep (hereafter referred to as the flock) will be
shorn & the wool will be spun & woven into the finest of
raiments for the WHOLLY FODDER. He , by the by, is now summering at Castel
Geldoffo, or, as he refers to it BERTESGARDEN.
When the finery is finished the sheep will either be turned into

Author : Grampa Hogg
Sadly my #@**@# Descendants have alienated their patrimony, oherwise I
would offer unlimated cooling space at The Guaranteed or The Purity.
Gotta go. I have a bridge (mixture ) game with Walt Lowney anon
G. W Hogg ( deceased)

Author : Ed “Whirling” Mirvish
Siva plates now available from Kumar McNeill my New Canadian pal from
way down East. Everything and everyone must go !


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