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The Vinyl Solution, Adios mi Amigos. (advisory: klingons) + SIDE ORDURES

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on June 23, 2007

Saturday, Jun 23 2007
12:44 am
Mark Kirk a Republican CONGRESSMAN in the U.S. has suggested that the use of CONDOMS by MEXICAN men would improve the ECONOMY of Mexico. You know, LESS kids, LESS stress on Mexico’s environment and yes.. LESS illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S. BUT what about OUR ECONOMIES? Is he OUT OF HIS MIND? We NEED MORE OF these guys. What are WE going to EAT if they don’t come to PLANT AND HARVEST OUR FOOD? We’d HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES and then there’d be NO TIME TO MANAGE OUR BLOGS. Capt. Kirk is in bed with the klingons.

Naan Sequitur

SIDE ORDURES (bon appetit)
Saturday, Jun 24 2007
7:49 pm
THE COMMENTS, CONDOMENTS (por favor zz, catHorlicks are eatin dis) on STRAIGHTENING out (oops) the Mexican ECONDOMY (small board, too bad), COME (oy) HIGHLY (ah) RECOMMENDED (by darling needles.) CAMPBOUL! keep your zapatas zahn paula! u no manolo blahnik or jack kennedy! Viva Zapata! televizione 2nite at 8. Marlin my big beautiful fat-ass fish is on it.

Naan N’titty


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