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WHALE IN WATER, MIND IN GUTTER (flotation devices recommended)

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on June 25, 2007

Monday, Jun 25 2007 

MOBY DICK, dir. John Huston 1956. Now there’s a movie. I suppose Melville’s damp navel has been picked clean but if one looks a little lower down on the body I think that’s where we would find Herman’s inspiration coming from and I am sure that I’m not the only one to conclude that the ‘WHITE WHALE’ is a euphemism for his MOBY DICK. From the dire warnings of Orson Whales from the church pulpit to the crew of the pagan-named PEQUOD, to the horrific ending with the drowned Capt. Ahab tangled in his harpoonery and tied for eternity to the heaving and bloodied leviathan, while it sounds and surfaces, still urging on his shipmates with stiffened arm to finish the job, as it were, this movie was clearly about the dangers of unbridled homoerotic sex and eternal CONDOMNATION. It certainly was outrageous for 1956. The message: get yourselves married lads. The lone survivor Ishmael clinging to the tattooed Queequeg’s made to order coffin, the only thing left floating in the sea, and then being rescued by the RACHEL, a whaler named after a faithful biblical wife, well, what can I say? As children we asked naively ‘did Moby Dick die?’ Hello!

Naan Guttersnipe

There were many.


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