pain is the staff of life

MY blog stats are rising faster than irak casualties.

Posted in Blogroll, political rant by ruthanzo on June 30, 2007

Saturday, Jun 30 2007 

the surge is in effect.
i’ve had more hits in one month than the u.s. and coalition have taken in the last year (unsubstantiated.)
this is a good thing?

gen. naan, fort braggadacio


Ahmet Amman ( In Reno) writes:
Press on Surges.
The Surgin generals report that
allah’s swell.
Tikrit smell of success

Gen. Naan writes:
Expect unprecedented number of hits, need more bloggy bags.

Ho Chi ‘Coochie’ Minh writes:
Here we are
Out of Castanets
Pinin’ for the fascists
Darning fishing nets
Two types a typin
Hope they hit ’submit”
- cuz i’m runnin outa rime

Spes writes:
I sent one based on a poplar song. it’s done disaparted.Look in da bin of Po’ Belle

ruthanzo writes:
i done looked in the po’belle and came up broken-handed.
if it was a poplar thong it must be in the chipper. makes nice horse bedding.



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