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Alexandria ON. (an area settled by Highland Regiments) and its insatiable appetite for things military. (especially the steak tartan)

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Thursday, Aug 23 2007

Spoke to a yokel yesterday who claims that a search and rescue chopper team, part of the Montebello Summit security escort, made a pit stop on Monday in the parking lot of Tim Whoreton’s to quaff a cuppa javex and use the toilets (I guess they don’t wear disposables like the asstronauts.) This surprise visit impressed the townies no end. During the Great Icestorm of January 1998, when we were without power for 3 weeks, the Canadian Army was camped out in this same parking lot, ostensibly there to dispense emergency supplies to the locals. But some of the town beauties saw a golden opportunity to use Timmy’s convivial atmosphere (had generator) to turn tricks for timbits. I remember seeing one bashful pimply-faced recruit going home? on the arm of a young girl I had once taught to sing old french folk songs. There’s something about a lad in uniform that screams out excitement and danger, even if he is just handing out D cell batteries and bottled water. Ah la guerre!


A sucker for a guy in a kilt and a jimmy cap.


Robert W. ‘Herb’ Service Says:
August 23rd, 2007 at 9:06 pm
There are strange scenes seen on the 417
That would make a Scot turn red
But the strangest sight
On an August Night
As the eagle knights soared past
Were the words that were heard
As the Whirly Birds whirred
As Anzo gave a blast

zbignews Says:
August 23rd, 2007 at 11:19 pm
itsa surreal neck -o -the – woods out there shirley. I jest herd that the other snowbirds near cornwhal
were infesting ie the ununiformed snowgeese, and that the former farmers were given leave to shoot
5 per day and leave them fallow in the fields to warn off the others. Yet another parimutual manouver.
I just hope that the tropes stationed at camp tim horton here’s a who , for the sake of the health of the
lokels, after rolling up the rim, roll down the ribbed rubber regardless.

zbignews Says:
August 24th, 2007 at 7:08 pm
the snowbergs flew over today rattling my cage.
what’s this? some kinda promo tour? the law probably says the’ve gotta be twice as loud hear

spruce top parkinsons Says:
August 25th, 2007 at 2:16 pm
ssnowbergs could hae bbine tthe ccause of the metro ffflor prolapsing aatt the bbay.
i’m ssure tthey’ll ffind sumthin tto sell on ttthat new llevel. i ggues the ellevaters
don’t ffit too well now llike the ones hhere. 2 1/2 is where the mmen washrooms r nnow.
yyou have to cliimb up the wwal to get out.
kornwall asighlum

zbignews Says:
August 26th, 2007 at 1:17 am edit
i’m surprized anyone’s surprized about the Bay’s chicken little
scenario. Why sould anything be different than the olympic stadium. There
seems to be some kind of gravitational force acting on cement here… kind
of reminds me of intelligent design….but none at all. I saw
prezidential hopeful huckabee on the huckster tv> seems charming except that
the charm of evolution-denial wears off pretty fast. Maybe , after the
election is over , he can come here and deny gravity and fix us up with
some new cement high rise cloverleaves. Who are these people and why
aren’t they asylomized…. And why did they change the name of “the
hudson’s bay company” to “the bay”? .. why not just “THE” if they’re going
to shorten it so willy nillilly. See what happens when you cut corners


Rove Exits as Does Merv- Coincidence? (Probably)

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Monday, Aug 13 2007

TROVER is legalese for found PLUNDER.
REPBULICAN’s FOLK SONGS? CHENEY COUNTY. I bet Bobby regrets writing John Wesley Hardin.
ROVEin GAMBLER ? Not much of a gamble . UTAH KARL (sic) . Gonna find dem miners IRAQ CANDY MOUNTAIN. It’s enough to make DR. STANLEY ralph (pace zbig I knows it’s your line)
Nancy Reagan and JONNY MATHIS IN FLOODS of tiaras
MERV hit it big with LOVELY BUNCH OF COCONUTS ( Not Eva’s).
AMERICAN war effort fuelled by coca ( both nuts & cola.)
The blogosphere slow in august due to PLEIADES & paucity of this & That.

Campbell Hendery