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Woody Haleine at ze Toronto Filmfesse.

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on September 16, 2007

Sunday, Sep 16 2007

Whatse rongue wit Woody Haleine? Now ee say ee only mêke-a ze movie to meat-a ze gurls (Inkmar Bergeman too hi sink.) Last year in Neue Yoricke entrevue ee say ee nevaire mêke-a ze great movie like Truffaut and Godot.
Mia, hi leica verie mouche Woody Haleine’s Naan an ur sisters Ajen et Aket. Also leica verrie mouche Careêmes et Messedomineurs. Zat verrie gouda movie. Brangelica YOustoned disserve to die. Shia ovarieacte.
Mia wondaire if Woody Haleine leica ze bigue bleu crystale on Blur St. in Canadas largesse wurld classe cité. Wen ee comes to in Montreéeal oui wheel show hymne ze worlds largesse pothole (ze nid de poule.) Oui canne hatche bigue dinde in eat for L’axe Sion (a priori) de Grasse.

Coco Charnel


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