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DOLLAR FALLS AGAINST YERO. (that would be the greenback)

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on September 26, 2007

Wednesday, Sep 26 2007

I swear I heard Darshini David the BBC World (US) Economist anchor say this. She does have a London accent and appears to be very pregnant. I guess she was hungry. Me too. The idea of a sandwich having more value than a dollar makes a lot of sense. Lots of bad news today. Why do all these revos wear orange, call it saffran? ORANGE. The toreador waves a red flag to incite the bull. I would have thought the bull was colour-blind.



Author : tissage
now naan, can’t expect middle of know-where news anchors to catch that
one, the gyro hasn’t been relevant since the peloponnese. the
shawarma’s taken a good bite of the hero already, yet much depends on how the
renmin-kebab deals with saffron uprisings, gorge-ous drownings, and the
marathon… wait, you were right..!

Author : Duh
Ain’t you never heard of a Euro Sandwich. Me I’m socred. Canuckianna
gots lots o’ trees. Trees make paper. Paper is money.
Guess the beau real (caouette) foret dont look so bleak no mo. tankis
god no zeds here yet. Da oily celt catches the kvetch

author: spruce top p.

dddoddler ffalls aagainst yuri, llooonie rrises aggaint wwwetback..aasylum s’aimeaanticks


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