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THE FIDO EXTORTION NETWORK (Mind the dogshit, it’s permanent.)

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Wednesday, Oct 31 2007

I just spent a very unpleasant afternoon dealing with a coldblooded supervisor at the FIDO EXTORTION NETWORK (Gitmo has nothing on this guy.) They sure know how to TREAT YOU LIKE DOGSHIT. The contract on my phone was up in Aug 2007. They cut my service on Oct 8 cause I didn’t pay the bill so i’ve been without a phone since then and frankly it’s been liberating and a lot cheaper too, or so I thought. I called today to CANCEL THE SERVICE and pay balance up until Oct 8th and they said NO you have to pay for all of Oct plus another month because it says in the fine print I HAVE TO GIVE THEM 30 days notice. I thought the contract had terminated. I stuck to my rant BUT YOU CUT ME OFF without any notice. He said WE SUSPENDED your service. I said I had a DO NOT RESUSCITATE clause. He refused to listen to my argument saying they’re only doing what other communications i.e. the cable company would do (don’t got), I admit I was screaming at this point, and HE SAID DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT, I’M NOT YOUR SON ? (my son is not an automaton) and reminded me that he was a TOP SUPERVISOR AT FIDO Telecommunications. I accused him of EXTORTION. He said I was being rude and just for that HE WOULD NOT CANCEL MY SERVICE. Where are we? In the dock in KAFKAKAland is where. His name is SEABASSCHIEN and he’s a PERFECT BITCH. I’d like to see him full of arrows and bleeding to death. I need an archer.(IS IT CROSSBOW SEASON YET?)


Here’s the antifido board game, an exercise in futility.
The Antifido


Beaux Arrows de La Fleche writes:
So much for wireless freedom. What zimmy calls the hoax of free speech.
I thought negative billing was outlawed after Ted Rogers and his Cable
cabal got caught. I had to argue with Fie Dough to cancel my call
disruption features. They’ve got us by the bells. Have some wine

zbignose writes:
That superdupervizor siriusly is a discredit to all doggies. Seems like
more of a hydrant to be such a tyrant in need of repaper training.
Does it not occur to the cur that he ought to be helping and not humping
the clients?

My Ron Gal Away writes:
A Fido farce ? Feydeau Shurely

Sebastian Caput writes:
There’s no ‘we’ in Fido

tissage writes:
Those pooches are all hooped.
Actual quote from Ted Rogers to RCI (Fido’s Ma’Bitch) investors as he
announced a 75% rise in third-quarter profits yesterday: “they might
actually find the results boring.”
Cry me a rivulet of urine running off the curb.
Poor cousin Telus Corp. only posted a 28% jump for the same period,
surprise-surprise: “due to increased wireless data revenue” (your bread’s
not crumbs naan, but not sure you’d be better off throwing it in a
different pond of cute goldfish, chameleons, monkeys, or beavers…), and
let’s wememba T actually threatened to buy Ma’Bell a couple of months
ago. Alexander Graham Cracker, get us some pigeons!