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UPDRAFT ON PAKISTAN & BENAZIR BUTEO (buzzard in a dupatta and talons-hauts)

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So they let Omar Sharif back into Peckingstan. Let’s hope his alter eggo Dr Zhivago knows something about in vitro. If the plovers that be are hoping for a ricinable accouchement between him and the naked pashtun, who’s going to be the daddy to mommy Benazir’s ova maria? she’s goosed. What if Musharraf and Shariff decide to go it aloon and just do up the nest really nicely with blackhawk down.


Original post:
Thursday, Oct 4 2007

Benazir Buteo will soon be leaving her well-feathered but barren nest in London and flying home to Pakistan. Once there, she will share a nest with Genital Musharraf in the hopes of hatching something that will please the Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orpingtons and other civilized poultry (does she still ovulate?) or kicking Musharraf out of the nest (in the) altogether (he promised to lose the cockscomb and fighting plumage) and taking her chances with the Talibantam roosters.



Author : zz dans la meteo
yow ! big applause from here on that poetic prose. that benzedrine
buteo buteo galli was a spring chicken in the old days full of gallic charm
(is that why they have a rooster as a symbol)she hopes that genital
musharraf is not the cuisineartiste that genital tao was. Hope she got
her flueshot. dring dring dring… put put put

Author : dr. doolittle
as long as benazir botox avoids the eisbein served up by kbr it won’t
be the fluvax she’ll be needing but the flackjacket should
schwartzenwasser be around to pass the buckshot. bewar gentle musharraf and play
your roosters like cymbals.

Author : spruce top parkinsons
on tthe otther hhand iff bbenazia wwears the fflaxjacket sshe mmight
ssoften up tthe ggenital.

sspruce tap p.
l’assile de kkorranwald

Author : toryadore in lahore
your comments are unhelpful and inflammatory (on fire on a pyre i yam.)
vee are hoping she vill deliver just vhat the doctor ordered, Greenspam
‘n eggs.

Author : zz dans la meteo
So with all these militarily named chicken chefs strutting around in
the yard, where’s the High Colonel Sanders and his Pullet Surprize… I
guess you don’t need the “sharpest knife in the drawer” when its finger

Author : frogpaddy
Jiminy Cricket! Is Naan the geriatric Sarah Silverman? Always let your
conscience be your guide, girl.

Author : michelle norris
Is Frogpaddy black?

Author : spruce top parkinsons
nnnono. cheese gggreen.

Author : Mountbatter of Blurredmind
Well, I must remind you all that Winston wouldn’t speak to me for 8
years after we ended the Raj. He said rathher bibulously: ” I’m very cross
with you Dickie”. Edwina mounted Nehru sans jackette and I ended up in
the dead leather orifice. Send em all to the Maize Prism .Let the
frolic on the Sands of Bobby. Get The germaine maysles till you rub yr
feets out. Gutt Shabbos

Author : zz dans la meteo
So now Genital Mushroomcloud has won the erection but not the wart.
That, according to the news headline, “hangs on court”. His eligibility,
like that of a bachelor, will be decided on the supreme court, I guess
like Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs did battle on the court not so longa

Author : zbignews
who counts last counts best : Just to put put put this in proper
perspective,the “election” that they’re talking about had these results: “In
total, Musharraf won 671 votes, while the retired judge who was his
main rival received just eight. Six ballots were invalid, election
officials said. In all, 1,170 federal and provincial lawmakers were eligible
to vote.”

Author : To Above
Don’t come complaining to REAL CANADIANS when TALIBAN JACK and his
mincing minion sesie all your anti democartic zeds. What are you on

Author : zbignews
what !Are you implying another mule (prada?) tapping in the stall !?
BTW I think it was most likely a manly e?ection for manly men only,
cock’s combovers and uniformed and or uninformed

Author : Lime Ricky
On What passes as the action of grace
naan keeps ‘a rhyimg apace
Rants about commies and Hyderbad bombies
While daddy slops up his creamed maize
I’m still on the urbain pining for bourbon
Pondrin this wan lunar phase

Author : Little Ricky
There once was a fiddler I knew
Whose opining was 30’d zbignew
combovers et alia sly reference to Phallia
the blowing the bowing – I’m Blue

Author : my poems disappear
Reference to corn deleted

Author : zbignews
that’s one heck of a place. thankful I don’t live there.



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Dear commontaters and lowbrowsers,

I attacked the site a couple of days ago. Can’t explain this auto-immune-like overeaction to my own outpourings other than to say that I could have used a lobotomy the morning of All Idiots Day but Kate took all the knitting needles with her to Spain.

I saved most of the earlier blogs (not all) and I think I have all the wonderfully silly comments on my yahoo mail. But I doubt it could be put back together again.

The pain continues.


The antifido (an exercise in futility)

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November 1 2007 “The ANTIFIDO (an exercise in futility)”

The Antifido


RUTHANZO writes:
i should have seen that coming.