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La sociėtė gėnėrale and the single bullet theory. (advisory: likely contains bullshit)

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In these days of Pooh bear markets, could a single bullet have pulled off the so-called fraude of the decade leaving La sociėtė gėnėrale dazed and out of pocket. I don’t think so. I suggest that this benign bullet (ferdinand?), let’s call him Jėrôme Kerviel, has agreed to take the rap for the reckless behaviour of his bunk bank in return for some kind of compensation down the road to perdition. It seems that whilst in la cage aux faûx of la société he was selling shorts when he should have been buying them and buying longs that were too short to cover his ass. Now le pen will greet him with open gait and a swinging bat. Unless of course some Jacques Rubie-style vigilante, self-appointed? rep for all the angry investors bent on restoring the lost honneur to la république, takes him out for dineros.

Bear* with me,


*Ursa major


Bobby Fischer – Endgame – Farewell Really White Knight

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These are the sled dog days of winter. We’ve had enough of Huckabee’s Finns and Romney Marsh. Soooo….
Somewhere in anti-heaven tonight Father Coughlin & Chas. Lindbergh Have someone to play with.
Mr. Fischer is remembered by all but probably will be mourned most of all by his widow Amy ( Long Island N.Y.)
I went to his website today and found that he denied being associated in any way a rookery of Chess websites.
What about Chess records ?
Big Blue indeed !
After he beat that Spastic Russky he went kinda weird..
I used to think it was due to the fact that Pong had rendered his game of no further use to civilisation.
He hooked up ( in the Old sense) With Herbert W. Armstrong founder of Worldwide Church O’ God & father of Garner Ted.
Rabid anti-Semites and millenialists all. Potato Potatoe
I always thought M. Pecheur looked like David ‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz. Mother Jewish & Father German. Talked about conflict. They played up the cold war thing in the Times today, but the frigid war was the 50’s. All That 70’s stuff was a smokescreen to hide USA worrying about OPEC embargo. I’m feeling as sapped of energy as that fabled Spruce tree I read about in the Kenyon review. Nabokov liked chess and I found him pretentious. Naan will be back anoon.


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Please tell me I’m not paying for ‘MVP’, CBC’s new hokey drama. Now and then I might begrudge Peter Mansbridge a new ca$hmear turtleneck (legwarmer for his instrument) and sometimes I wish Georgie S. would go for a full-on trepanation, then he could f…himself, I’d be happy to contribute to that. But where ‘MVP’ is concerned, I’m offside. Can I take my shtick out now? Is this Canadian enuff for you RCH?

Yemeni trip off.

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More than a few years ago, a book about an expedition to the Arabian Peninsula in 1760 sponsored by the Danish Crown, was making the rounds in our family. The book was called Arabia Felix (Happy Arabia, oxymoron?) These royal european fact-finding trips to exotic places were all the rage then. This account starred three central figures hand-picked by the King each for his special talent, a Swedish botanist, a Friesian polymath and a big-talking low-yielding Dane, as it turned out, (just being Danish seemed to qualify him for the trip.) Their ship was a long time getting out of the channel above Denmark where the Atlantic currents meet the North Sea’s but on the third try they succeed and they are finally on their way. Before this happens though, the Dane, rather than forego his creature comforts, decides to travel overland through Europe to meet up with the rest of them in Italy I think. The book is full of descriptions of the people in the Middle-East and their customs at the time. I remembered that Sana on the Arabian Peninsula was described as being mosquito-infested (malaria claims some of the gang) and a place one would not want to visit, at least not in 1761. But about 5 years ago I was online looking for an exotic vacation and came across a site for a hotel in Sana that was only $29. a day U.S. It was cheaper to live there than here and I wondered what it would be like for me, a Canadian woman d’un certain âge, to take-up residence in a Yemeni city. There were probably less mosquitos now. Would I have to cover myself completely? This part I would not mind at all and besides it would be prudent to do so. We were post 9/11. I imagined myself shopping in open markets, cooking on a gas hotplate in my room like Big Edie Beale (she was bifnaked), watching the news on Al-Jazeera or the BBC all the while breathing in the pleasantly toxic fumes from the burning mosquito coils. Would a camel ride be in the offing? Could I drink wine, I wondered? Well wonder no more, the trip is off. Two Belgian tourists were shot to death yesterday (& 4 more wounded) in an Eastern part of Yemen and I don’t much feel like going anymore even if the price is right. I know the rest of Europe has a problem with Belgians but..


WIMPS ** made in Canada, died in Afghanistan.

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So, has Pearly Gates singled out our fine troops as being unfit for battle against the mighty Taliban? It’s all rather insulting given that the first coalition casualties of that particular war were inflicted by (friendly?) American fire. Hopped-up homocidal U.S. forces pilot Harry Schmidt disobeyed orders and decided unilaterally to bomb an area where some newly-arrived Canucks were staging a military exercise. Schmidt and his crew managed to kill four of our guys and wound another eight in April of 2002. Welcome to the U.S. of Afghanistan. I was one of the many hundred who attended the funeral of 29 year-old Marc Léger of Lancaster, Ontario (1 of the 4) and it was the grimmest of scenes with his broken-hearted parents stumbling in tears behind their boy now in a box, draped in that now too familiar canadian flag, looking like so many maple-leaf cookies. Jean Chrétien was incredibly pissed off because Bush didn’t apologize let alone acknowledge that the incident had taken place.* He eventually mumbled something in his Beavis & Butthead style to placate this Nato nation. It’s easy to call people unfit when they don’t know who the enemy is. How come those guys in tunics and eyeliner are so tough? I mean Blush, Bear, Chains, Rumpsvelt, Woolf and pack.

*Coincidentally it was shortly after this (May 2002) that the opposition asked the RCMP to start investigations into the Sponsorship Affair.

**Weary Incompetent Military Personnel Swept-out (thank you Lily).. naan is suffering from restoril hangover and can’t shoot straight just like the troops.


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Sometimes I don’t know why I bother writing anything at all with sites like around. My only problem with some of these articles is that they are heavy on the facts unlike P.I.T.S.O.L. where we play loose with that stuff and try and make light of all news and non-news alike. Do we need to know all this stuff? Are we not thankful to the MSM for all the grim details, that they provide us with so unselfishly 24/7, of unfortunate (usually) blond women that have been raped and burned, ridiculed and hauled off to asylums or jails. I was raised at a time when the Virgin Mary was venerated by millions. What does a woman have to do around here to get respect, wear a veil? It didn’t work for Mrs. Bhutto.

l. Some will take TURKISH DELIGHT (schadenfreude for the “or you’re against us crowd.” upon reading this .

Here’s Harry Shearer’s blog on same subject Harry Shearer’s blog on why Rubert Murdoch hasn’t published the Sibel Edmonds story in his U.S. tabloids.
2. Others will be reminded of the THE HANDS OF ORLAC when reading this and want to go shopping in Jacob’s larder.


SSpruce ccame dddown

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Sadly one of the two beautiful spruce trees on the West side of our house was uprooted during the high winds Wednesday. It was over 30 ft high and close to 40 years old. I didn’t notice it was down till I was halfway up our really really long driveway and by chance looked back to see it on the ground. I returned immediately to investigate this crime of nature, ready to have it out with the wayward wind, but the minute I was out of my protective armour, nature sneered. I got the hell out of there before I was decapitated by any barn roofing that might have been airborne. The wind is at it again tonight.

I’ve nothing else to report but Dave Lindorff at certainly does.


The choice of presidential candidate and the all-important entertainment quotient or is it content..

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The American public is really naive if they think the elections are about voting for change. Change of what? There will be no substantive change after this election no matter which of the candidates gets elected. The government’s policies are pre-determined by its powerful lobbies, corporate and otherwise (predestined by C & K, pre-shrunk by CK.) Unless a Hugot Chagas or an Evil Morales presents himself things are going to stay pretty much as is. Guillermo Richardson does have Mexican blood coursing in his veins but he’s a slick seasoned diplomat and is unlikely to nationalize the corn industry besides I think he’s thrown in the trowel. There’s always Mike (Loose) Gravel but the U.S. media have branded him a crazy person as they did Forward Dean. Crazy’s good but the drug industry would want to medicate Mike. So at the very least the candidate the electorate chooses should have some entertainment value like France’s Sarko & Carla B. have in espadons and espadrilles.

John McCane (0%) with no chance of improvement unless he shows us what that thing is in his cheek (certainly not his tongue.) Mutt Romany (15%) with a possibility for a higher score because he is Mormon and can be peeled like an onion to reveal layers of kinky (gore vidalia) practices (bringem’ young to the caravanserai, the holey underwear & magic glasses, we used a Viewmaster to read the X commandments.) Kookcynic (15%) there could be more fun stories about his UFO sighting (a close encounter with his Trafalmadoran family?) the unionmade wife/babe (I confess that I also saw a UNION in the early 1960s and belonged to a UFO) Huckaberry H. (35%) is already very entertaining with his crooked teeth, his folksy wit and heartfelt songs (he learned to cry in the chapel + do standup in the pulpit, went to sundayschool of hard Knox.) John Edwords (25%) if you like the Dorian Gray type (Sweeney Todd’s his barber) but all that could change with young kids (possibility of cute highjinks at White House) and an unwell outspoken spouse though lately she’s been gagged. Tabac O’bama (the Marlboro Man) (25%) has the cute kids and the looker/outspoken wife but he’s black and white (maybe red all over?) and the U.S. still has a cotton industry (heavily sub(machine)sidized too.) Big Tobacco will like him though cause he smokes and can lose his voice on command. I see JFK written all over him and hope for his sake he’s not catholic (like His Honor Cokecan Thomas.) RumPaul of the Old Gold Standard (10%) is spouting prescient quotes from literature but nobody knows what he’s talking about (unlike Charlton Heston who blathered on about nothing to the delight of bible salesmen) and besides Ed Sullivan took the podium with him to Ferncliff Forever. Hillarity (45%) a brilliant woman with a broad beam (therefore a source of endless ridicule by puerile american journalists) and she holds the Wild Bill card. Though I think Chelsea will keep’im honest as that vanderbuilt greatgrandchild is fond of repeating at mausoleums in N’ollins.

Have I forgotten anybody? oh, the undeclared.*



iowa gopher broke

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both huckaberry h. and mutt r. looked like they could have used a drink last night. why were those people (the norris couple but not michelle alas..who’s chuck?) standing behind huck? is his own family that unattractive? if they had been recognizable (brad and angie) it would have made sense. mccane is such a bore.
ru paul is a mr. 10%. rudimental. tv guy thinks he’s ronnie. certainly no naancy.

iowa carcasses.

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watching pbs. obama reminds me a lot of jfk. trying to convince himself as he gets further into this insane race. what’s goin on? last night when barak & his family took the stage i was reminded of jfk and i couldn’t help thinking of dallas. how come there were twice the number of folks registering as dems.. it’s very suspect. a lot of people moved to ioweyou. which kennedy in the long coat was that standing behind hillary? robert jr.? or central casting.. hillary reminded me of the girl that was not asked to dance at the prom. she looked dejected (running on empty) and quite beautiful. i think people will appreciate this seldom seen aspect of her (a slip of a moon.) she’s got it. edwards is like a cartoon character. my take on the republicans to follow. big f… deal. gwen ifill should run. she’s got a full tank.