pain is the staff of life


Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on January 18, 2008

Please tell me I’m not paying for ‘MVP’, CBC’s new hokey drama. Now and then I might begrudge Peter Mansbridge a new ca$hmear turtleneck (legwarmer for his instrument) and sometimes I wish Georgie S. would go for a full-on trepanation, then he could f…himself, I’d be happy to contribute to that. But where ‘MVP’ is concerned, I’m offside. Can I take my shtick out now? Is this Canadian enuff for you RCH?


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  1. Mr. Can't Fix it &Rex Boring said, on January 19, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Hey Sobsister-
    The CBC is now run by T. Casgrain.
    He’s an accountant.
    He has a summer home near that journalist Jeff Simperson.
    If accountants don’t know what makes for good programming then who does ?
    I ain’t ascared of youse artsy types now that both Relic and Nick Adidas are scrounging logs in eternity.
    Looky here Handsome Molly- I’mm outta your reach
    Maggie Muggins was a pickpocket.
    And I could go on

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