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Naan ghost to NeueYorick alass & tthe rrest of US donut by Sspruce Top Parkinsons

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on February 17, 2008

Hhow iiss itt than None getz to ggo to tthe bbig rappel aand mmany of us gget to sstay inn the bbehind at l’owzile de kkoranwall? ttthe llast ttrip we ttuque wwwas to ththe Emouly Carrharrt att tthe slowmart in Vile Mairie & tthat was in ssleptember. llately i’ve bben atttending to a ffilmy corse (nappoleon soddommites) aaat tthe cooledge of dh llaurence. aftter chattering up the laddies oour 80 sumthhing prooff ffires uup the pprojectile aand ttries hhis ddamndest tto reel us in jjust like Jorge BBush ddoes tuna. wwe have to ppry oour eeyes open wwith toothpicks tto staay awaake dduring ssome of tthe ppresenstations of la cross. Laast weak was La ggrange illusion & I cconfesse itt eeluded me as I ssearched in vein four somme hhay so’s i ccould baille. it’s sas pplane as the bbarn on yer fface h ed said. ccan’;t hhardly wwait for Streetwalker named ddésirée wwith Marlon Monroe.

Spruce Top. P.
c/o Yee Ault Waterboarding Haus
CCarnal st.

Naan ssays sshe scened tthat fflaky rrapper Crisco with hiss opining act Jeanne-Red-Cloud & tthat tthey look rready ffor mmummiffication. tut tut. naaan sshould talk.
inkqueery: ddoes anyone kknow any goood noparkingsongs? towtapppers? uncchained mmelodies? wwwinching ballades?


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  1. bert old breck said, on February 17, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    I know some bewinching barlads and unhinged maladroits.

  2. Tow Knee Bendit said, on February 17, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    towtapppers? –
    Both Sides No
    The Truck That Carried My Car from Town
    Sidewalks of no park
    Tower of Snow

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