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U. S. of JUNK (substandard & poor)

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on March 29, 2008

It’s unfortunate but official, and I hardly need to remind people, that the formerly great U.S. of A., the 8th Wonder of the World, has become synonymous with JUNK. Junk food, junk currency, junk bonds, bundles of sorrowful sub-prime junk mortages, junk banks, junk media, junk schools, junk cars, junk drugs and healthcare plans, junkies, junk voting-machines. Nobody but their own people want (they’ve little choice) any of it. The list goes on. Their elected(?) government is lying junk. Armed forces badly trained junk. Even their famed aircraft industry is struggling to produce something other than junk. The only thing they’ve invested in and have lots of is military equipment, some outdated (bust before.. but still deadly) and lots of new smart weapons, alas too smart for the people operating them. The fuse is short and they’re trigger happy. Their only recourse now is to use this arsenal on their enemies, both political and economic, and cause World chaos. This scenario has already started to play itself out, Basra is awful close to Iran, and Naan predicts it’s gonna get a lot worse. I’m actually looking forward to living in the stone-age and doing cave-paintings by the light of a fat-burning lamp.


The Federal Liberal Leader

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on March 28, 2008

Okay. It’s time to get serious. P.I.T.S.O.L. will step away from the gutters (lined with gold though they are) and up onto more familiar turf (heap) for the ritual slagging of our politicians. The question seems to be whether Dion in his quintdoublet can weather on as leader of an unruly party or if Count Ignatieff of Burberry or Bob & his Raelaytions would be better equipped to battle Sharper’s stormtroopers should an erection occur (when Kristins collide.) Dion’s (un)protégés have not fared well in recent games of bi-musical chairs (only 1 in 3 has somewhere to sit, unless you count laps) and if the corridors of power are anything like the hospital emergency waiting rooms in Montréal then may I suggest that hopefuls bring their own longknives to carry out any necessary surgical procedures and not wait around for the liberal triage nurses to move them through to the front of the line.

P.S. Can somebody from Ottawa please bring a load of blacktop to fill the craters in Montréal’s roads. Also tell NASA they don’t need to schedule any more Moon landings. There’s water here and a regular Florida-Québec bus (with toilet, so no disposables needed) that lands at Berri-DeMontigny Crater.

I’m having my baby.

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This story about a man, who used to be a woman and is now married to another woman, having a baby, is too awful. I didn’t read the whole story to find out if he f…ed himself to get in the family way & I couldn’t help but notice that the putative parent(s), Thomas, has no breasts. Who is going to breastfeed this child? Please don’t tell me he’s going to have silicone implants. Are there still circuses or midway sideshows for these people to work in? (Larry King would be a safe bet) & is this kind of behaviour on Benedict 16’s list of new sins or did the canon lawyers not see this one coming?

The Gov’nur (back in the noose)

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Why does Gov’nur Splitzer lionize girls who claim to be Kristins? And who’s the martyr here? There’s much fiddling going on while Rome burns.


Punt yer boggan ★ Ylli and Naan (short film 2008)

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on March 25, 2008

Hooda thought that tuques would bee this year’s Easter bonnets. I’m happy I didn’t waste my mullah on a chat d’0r at Bruised Bonettes or placed a wager as to whether or not our weatherman (snow snow) was a bellwether or nuts (check out definition chez wikipi?) Can’t see the bellringers for the steeplejacks. Also very glad we hadn’t put away the toboggan and ski poles and taken out the gardening implemints (killing each other sweetly) It’s good to be lazy, like cats (they don’t appear to have a plan or a palindrome.) A toboggan propelled by ski poles is a great way to get around a crusty snowy field. It also helps while-away an unseasonally cold and too-early Easter (who decides this stuff like when Easter is going to be? Julius? I think I’m falling for Gregory. Don’t ask, I’m incensed, falling….) or when Spring comes. Bush’s longer days are not melting the snow. Heyho! George? Jorge? Georges? allo…tu m’écoutes? Tonton Macoutes.

Naan & her leetle seester Aket


Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on March 23, 2008

Ylli found these hooded penitents. This is how the Spanish Order of the Penitents repent for their sins. I’d like to see some of our politicians and free-wheeling capitalists doing time in these outfits.

There seem to be 4 colours of hood: red, white & blue.. and black. Wonder what sin each colour stands for or if the colour changes with the amount of penance done. White, just like the KKK, when completely absolved of sin?


Easter message from Pino Canino, dog pope of Rome, to his doppelganger, Onip 1er, dog pope of New France.

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There’s more Pino Canino under the pages heading in A Trip Down Memory Lane (my cartoons that were on Huffpo)

OBAMA, OBAMA! In Toto veritas.

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Why is Toto’s song ‘Rosanna’ reverberating in my head? These lovesick lines written in the 80s say it all.

‘All I wanna tell you is now youll never ever have to compromise
I never thought that losing you could ever hurt so bad…’

The MSM guys & dolls in the USofA have been beating around the old briar patch sayin dis n’ dat but clearly white folk are afraid that the Tontons Macoutes will have their way with them if Obama gets elected. A chance of a lifetime but… I wish I could cast a vote for him but we’ve got Harper’s Ferry and the Dion Squint to chose from and lest we forget, Taliban Jack….and in Quebec, Gilled Mushroom.


Apology to the Governor

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I’ve taken down my film that mocks the Governor. After hearing Greg Palast with CBC’s Anne Lagacé-Dowson (I originally thought it was Nancy Wood) today he convinced me that NY Gov Spitzer was targeted by the US government in power who are beholden to the big investment banks. Palast said Spitzer was trying to make these institutions abide by NY state law where most of them have their big headoffices. He would have insisted that in return for the government bail-outs they would not foreclose on defaulting homeowners.


Ye Easter Infection- Paques Marked

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Well the hippity-hope of JC Cauterised Tale is almost upon us. Naany & The Prof are eggless and the market garden has more paper green than leafy offerings. How offal !
Over to Vat City (GST in Canada) the cardinals are flocking to Soutane Gorge hoping to get to see a Lapin Dance. We’re planning on getting a few oval issue so that we can make
Eggs Benedict for XVI. We call it Ovaltene, but we’ve been called apostate when they actually meant we were aprostate and prostrate. Ukulele Pax ain’t for another month thank you very much Greg & Julius. Couldn’t you guys have synched everything with the big guy who’s your Palm Sunday Pilot. We can’t even spare a few roofing nails to send to the ubiquitous self stigmatisation over to Manila. We have the envelopes but the roof is falling in and the bottom’s falling out. No more Buckley’s mixture as a form of liquidity now that his nibs’ right and left arms are in eternam. Maybe some Sterno with Gore-Reading Siegfried unto the Roi in Celetial Vegas with Vidal. Salon dot com ? Gimme Saloon with Dot.Ben Hymn Ben Hur Ben Gay
I Miss tatou
GCT pro tem