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Maxime Bernier (in for an affair) and update.

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Why all the fuss over Maxime’s petite amiel Julie Couillard. So, she has connections to Les Hells de la Mode. Bernier is sure to miss her style but the balls are clearly in Ms. Couillard court, as her name implies. If it were me, I wouldn’t go messing around with a Hell’s Angel’s back warmer. Oh mama. Makes one wonder about the PM’s wife, famous for chauffeuring her own hog.. Does the PM ride bitch and suffer from monkey butt? What about Deb Grey and her fondness for straddling the Milwaukee Vibrator? Is there more to this story than Conservatives just liking choppers? and (hell’s) angel food cake?

According to the Globe & Mail Ms Couillard ran something called Five Star Casting. Given her much-publicized connections to les Elles I immediately thought, ah, metal casting for gun components or motorcycle engine parts. No. It hired out extras for films. She herself became a member (conflict of interest?) of the Quebec actors’ guild, l’Union des Artistes. HOW DID SHE DO THIS? It’s a closed shop. I’ve been trying to become a member for the past 30 years. One has to accrue a certain number of paid permits before becoming eligible. That means steady work. Has anybody ever seen her on TV, on film or on stage? I’m going to call l’UDA and demand an explanation. And did Papa Bernier, King of the Beaucerons, send away for the Five Star Casting catalogue and hire her on for his production of the political farce “Maxime Bernier goes to Ottawa?” I wonder who’s funding it?


Lou Dobbs: Treasure the Illegal Madre

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by RCH (Royal Crown Hootch)

Dobbs’ Deciballated droning defies Decency.
With all the ‘keeping them honest’ CNN should think honestly why they keep Lulu belle.
Ed “ Chris” Rollins and others are bad enuff but Dobbsy takes the D’oh nut.
I know I should be watching Dancing with the Tsars or Joy of Painting but there it is.
“Nobody puts one over on Lou Dobbs ?” Maybe but he’s taking Ma & Pa Skittish for a scary ride.
Credibility? We ain’t got no Credibility. We don’t need no Credibility. I don’t have to show you any stinking Credibility.

Earl Cameron come back. Awl is forgiven.

VSOP83 (damn the expense let’s make it both post and page)

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A couple of P.I.T.S.O.L.’s arbiters (orbiters?) You know who you are.

pitsol arbiters

SWIFT BOATS IS A-COMIN’ (mind the smearschaum)

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Swift boats is a-comin’
Assails are in sight
Swift boats is a-comin’
There’s slanderin’ tonight

to the tuna Shrimp boats by Jo Stafford (1951)


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On May 13 2008 PITSOL celebrates a year online and barring the mental collapse of its CEO back in early Nov 2007 and her subsequent destruction of the blog it has succeeded in pushing without really trying a completely biased and uninformed view of things generally which may or may not have been the goal not set out for it back at its inception.

It’s time for a break.

As always,

Moses Complex

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this is from my feb 11 08 blog.

“Demo side, Obama has taken on a messianic quality. At least for me he has. The circumstances of his birth are interesting. Born of a white American mother with a Kenyan father & free from the heavy baggage of slavery that all American blacks must carry with them all the time, he reminds me a bit of Moses in that he was brought up far away from the ‘black reality’ of his birth-country, sorta like being raised by Pharaoh’s daughter (not Mia) & her family. But can he rid u.s. of the Burning Bush, lead ‘all’ of the people out of oil bondage & save the World? Or is that too tall an order for a mere human? what am I saying? Isn’t he divine?”

If James Dean (not Howard) were alive today (he grew up in Fairmount IN) who would he vote for? Pity there were no photo-ops of either candidate at his gravesite. Wonder if that would have garnered any votes with the living? (what about Dead Souls, it’s an open primary isn’t it?) The Wright Bros. (not Rev. Jeremiah) were also from Indiana but flew that contraption the Kitty Hawk on a beach in North Carolina.

Let’s hope they both get a lot of lift today. There’s a good wind here.


Clothes and the candidates.

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Legends of Classic Soul, the offer advertised on CNN….If Obama gets the nod what happens to this stuff? The old soul music, the outrageous outfits. Will it mean that purple suits and white wide-brimmed fedoras will be a thing of the distant past? (oh..they already are a thing of the past, right.) What about today’s hip-hoppers and their fondness for p-impish attire? (pimp & circumstance) Verboten? Will the soberly-dressed Obama get the abandoned old mills in America’s hollers back up and running to power looms and weave a new homespun? Will tweed and twill (and swill) be de rigueur? and lamé and sequins rigueur mortis? On the subject of clothes, is that yellow jacket Hill is often seen wearing (her stinging outfit?) supposed to make the less than glamourous teletubbies aka Reagan democrats feel better about themselves?

Arianna gets grilled.

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Charlie Rose & the Big Oak Table of Serious Business sure gave Arianna a grilling last night. Good thing she’s Greek and used to being around hot grills. Over the years Charlie’s had some really nasty people on his show that he’s let off the hook (his bait was too small) for whatever reasons (cause he’s afraid to ask the really hard questions?) I found him to be uneccessarily tough on her and very obstructive because he wouldn’t let her defend her claims in her latest book ‘Right is Wrong.’ I guess he and whomever he answers to are wary that people will hear what she’s saying and it’s hard not to agree with her. But Arianna H. is after all only a girl and foreign-born at that so it’ll be easy to brand her as unpatriotic. It must really irk a lot of MSM types like Charlie that she’s so wildly successful in rallying the disenfranchised. She may be an opportunist (no more so than he is) but she’s hit a nerve and he hasn’t. To continue with the dental analogy, she’s getting at the abscess while he’s only administering painkillers. He usually puts me to sleep.