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Bo Diddley & the Great Crested Flycatcher

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on June 27, 2008

What do the late great Bo Diddley and the great crested flycatcher have in common???

A fetish for things reptilian.

Today Better-half and I were lying out on the grass in the barnyard looking up at the sky when a slender grey bird with a long tail landed on a wire and I said lazily ‘Better-half, what is that bird?’ he replied without losing a beat ‘That’s the great crested flycatcher,’ adding ‘There’s always a shed snakeskin in its nest.’ Really.Wow! I was impressed, with him and the bird. By keeping a snakeskin in his nest, is the great crested flycatcher honoring his reptilian ancestors? Or do males of all species know instinctively that females (Eve et al) have a thing for snakeskin?

I was immediately reminded of Who Do You Love, my favorite Bo Diddley song.

I wurk 47 miles’a barbwar
Usa kobra snayk furra nekty
I gotta bran nu houze onna rhode bisside
Maid outta rattosnake hyde,
Gotta brand nu chimnee biltontop
Maid outtava uman skul
So komalong ‘n tayka lil wok wit mee Awleen
‘n tel me “Hoo dooyoo luv?”

Later on in the song Bo returns to the snakemotif.

I roadaround town, witha rattosnake wip
Taykid eezy Awleen, doan gimme no lip..
Hoo dooyoo luv?


Home seems to be a bluebird box. Guess the price was right.


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  1. GCT-in London Ont. (pro tem) said, on June 28, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Boa Diddley- Most underrated of the originals.
    Music biz hard on him. His motto
    ‘Don’t trust nobody but your mama,And even then, look at her real good.
    We apologise for the quasi serious nature of this post. We are amongst Presbyterians. It leads to a certain atavistic earnestness. Pete Seeger w/o the music and populism.
    ” You Look like you got whupped with a ugly stick!”‘
    Bo to Jerome Green.
    Googlia Moo- Bo Diddley is a gunslinger.
    We like bo a lot. Fave line in naans song cite-
    “You shoulda heard Just what I seen ! “

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