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Câlice! Ludacrisse! ferme ta gueule! ostie d’trou d’cul.

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There’s a lot of truth to the lyrics in this rapper’s song (Hill probably did hate her O.pponent, you’re supposed to, McCain was a teensy-weensy bastard for dumping his banged-up old first wife who was in a wheelchair (i’m assuming that’s where the paralyzed ref comes from but more likely it’s from the vets as I doubt Ludacris gives a rat’s -ss about Mme McCain No.1) & 5in shorter than before her tragic accident. How’s she gonna model the swimsuits now? I guess McCane could argue she wasn’t the same woman he married but at least now she was more his size ..) But like some people (Naan and her ilk) Ludacris just can’t keep his big f…g mouth shut when he sees all those disenfranchised young/old folk out there with their maxed-out credit cards. He’s a clever marketer. Let’s bash whitey now that we’ll have our man in the big house.* That’s why he’s so successful. Diplomacy is not his strong suit. He’s going to make millions whether Obama wins or not. In the words of the late great Peter Sellers “I’m alright Jack.” And if you’re really scared, white and living in the D.C. area you can always buy yourself a handgun.

*On the other side the MSM and in particular CNN and FOX are doing a great job bashing Blackie. But these guys are ‘expert’ pundits and can get away with it better than some uneducated rapper (speaks volumes for the U.S. public education system) because they come armed with degrees in Political & Social Studies from the University of.. of Phoenix?


old dob bloo

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I don’t have cable but my long-dead mother still does & I was wondering, based on tonight’s viewing, if the dead and the near-dead might make up most of Lou Dobbs’s audience (I include myself in there.) Why else would McCain’s skin biopsy get the bounce that Obama’s fabulous trip didn’t warrant?? CNN refers to Lou as Mr. Independent. Mr. in depends, maybe. I call him Mister BLOO.

Naan compos mentis

Sample email sent to Lou from scaredy-cat viewer: “I don’t think this country is ready for a black president”..(Naan: Hello!..REady? It’s “à point.” The U.S. has been disemboweled, it’s collapsing. What better time to hand it over to a black president than now…now that it looks like the South Bronx of the 1970s (at least on paper.)

Campbell Brown’s lead off story: The McCain mole. Her show is brought to us by the Alzheimer’s Association. and this…Is the 84 yr old Ted Stevens R-Sen Alaska some kind of sacrificial mutton dressed as lamb? He got a free stove…to cook his goose. I guess he’s against drilling in the Arctic.

Irak and the Palestinian problem.

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The BBC news story at the bottom of this post (where it belongs..) reminded me of something I had seen in a U.K. newspaper of note.
-Back in early 2003 when the Irak invasion was being discussed I remember reading a very cynical letter to the editor in the Guardian Weekly (left-wing rag) about how the U.S. invasion of that country would have many objectives not the least of which was that now there would be a place to resettle the Palestinians. Far-fetched? I thought so. The writer pointed out that the Palestinians for the most part were Sunni Muslims and curiously after Bush declared ‘mission accomplished’ the areas that stood up to the advancing U.S. army and its ‘contractors’ were the Sunni provinces. Insurgents? Al-Qaeda? Did they know something was afoot and is this why they fought back? I guess one could argue that if over time the U.S. and its allies in the War on Terror threw enough money and armaments at these people they too would agree to accomodate ‘a few’ Palestinians. Surge, splurge, merge. This tact (strong-arming the little ‘king’) worked in Jordan. Wasn’t the late Al-Zarqawi (seems so long ago) a Jordanian?

Here’s the BBC story on the much-disputed Israeli Wall that snakes through the West Bank. It’s being re-routed to allow Palestinians better access to their farms. Does this mean the Palestinians will not be going to Irak after all? And were they ever going? Am I reading too much into this story?



4. Tales from Big Turnip – The greening of McMaster continues…

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It was Holy Week when we last checked in with McMaster and Strumpette in their sumptuous penthouse suite in the Habitat for Inanities. At this time, the master, wishing to atone for past sins, was thinking of joining the Order of Hooded-Penitents. He also made the decision then to go ‘green’ in reaction to Pope Benedict 16’s declaration that polluting was now a sin.

Do you fancy yourself a Bunuel, Bogdanovitch, Allen, Fellini?

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Launch party & registration: THURSDAY, JULY 24TH

LA SALA ROSSA, 4848 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, QC.
Tickets $7 at the door.
More information at

60 FILMMAKERS. 60 SECOND FILMS. Introducing Montreal’s inaugural 60 Minute Film Festival. A nonprofit community film festival like no other. No jury, no prizes, no submission fees – nothing except the joy of filmmaking and film watching.

On July 24, 60 filmmakers will have the chance to register for M60 on a first-come, first-served basis. They will then have one month to make a 60 second film, in any genre, no matter their background or experience.

On September 24 and 25, these sixty films will screen as a rapid-fire, one-hour festival.

M60 is a celebration of amateur and professional filmmaking alike, and of the dazzling question: What can you say in just one minute?

Registration will open at a launch party on Thursday, July 24, at La Sala Rossa. The party will feature 3-4 song “micro-sets” of movie songs & covers by Adam & the Amethysts (Adam Waito, of Miracle Fortress and Telefauna, performing songs from Dirty Dancing), Receivers (former members of Marlow), RAGNI, and special surprise guests. DJ Crispian will be manning the decks, fresh from his set with De La Soul and Ghislain Poirier. Flipbook door-prizes come courtesy of local animator Kathleen Weldon – last seen working with Patrick Watson and Martha Wainwright.

A bevy of local artists, actors and established filmmakers have already committed to participating in the festival, with dozens more first-, second- and third-time filmmakers hoped to enter the fray. Each film could be 60 seconds of disaster – or 60 seconds of masterpiece.

the amethysts

For press and interviews please contact:

Hey! Does anybody out there feel like dancing? (video 2008)

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May I have this ‘cakewalk?’ Is it ‘yellowcake?’ Not sure what this is about but it might be how McCain is feeling right now..dazed and confused..Hey! Does anybody out there feel like dancing?


The New Yorker cover

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Satire or Safire?

Blogging: a health hazard?

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Well, here it is in black and white and red blogging kills

Musical toilets in Japan (in toto)

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Some good news out of Japan for a bear market: coming soon to Pooh Corner, flush tones©. Wonder what the stat rate is to the composer/publisher. Possible new gimmick from apple? the iporcelainphone©. Handel updating his ‘Water Music’ for the W.C. (Toto is tops in toilets in Japan) (Toto was tops of the pops in 80s USA)

(When I first read this story I thought it was out of India and had a bit more fun with it.) Raga in a Can. Coming soon to a vinda’loo’ near you. Mr. Shankar said to be “Ravi!” The news out of there is more surreal: 70 yr old woman gives birth to twins and the Indian Embassy bombed in Kabul killing 41.




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So generous of Naan to let me ‘sit in for her’ while Dr. Furtwangler fits her for a straight-jacket down at the ‘asylum.’ Between you and me, old Naan was losing it. I was half expecting a visit from the Rook Machine or their surrogates the RCEMPTIES. Not to mention the ceperatists’ puffball on the hill Gill Ducepe. I’m going to try to be a little more circumspick, though I admit the temptation is there to sound off on subjects I know little about.. especially as Naan has such a wildly popular blog. Poplar perhaps for the wrong reasons..She’s in the scopes of the ‘bluedogdemocrats’ for her rant back in April claiming racial & religious bias by CNN. I doubt she knows the difference between a bluedog and a yellowdog. If it’s an underdog then she’s all for it. I personally don’t like dogs. They get a free ride. My people have worked too hard for too long trying to keep their butts below water and their heads above it. A pond my words. Dam it.
..and lest we forget, Julie Cooyard is a stool pigeon.