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Something brewing: a full-bodied Alaskan roast?

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Huffpo blogger Michael Shaw is reading ‘something’ into the fact that the McCains left Old Miss with their ‘good friends’ the Giulianis. He thinks the McCain people are ready to jettison Sarah Palin (because of her poor performance on Katie Couric? I think it was a set-up and Katie was hired to discredit her. I’ve never seen the pretty and usually inoffensive Couric look so disdainful in an interview before. Sheesh! She’s earned much-needed brownie points for this.) Meanwhile McCain had ‘suspended’ his campaign’ to sit-it out in a coma-induced state at the bail-out hearings. He certainly looked rested for the debate confident guardian angel Joe L. was working things out behind the scenes. Meanwhile back in NYC old Sarah was thrown (unarmed) to the media wolves. It looks to me like Palin is simply ‘not acceptable’ to the urbane NYC constituency. The rise and fall of a moose-huntin’ gal from Wassila Alaska might make for an interesting Opera to be enjoyed from a gilded loge at the Met but God forbid that this.. this…fundamentalist back-country bathing-suit model from the sticks should represent the fine people of this most cosmopolitan of American cities. These proud people payed for Hillary, they didn’t get her, and they sure as hell aren’t going to sit back and take this kind of abuse anymore. Obama is from Chicago and though there’s always a cute little black elephant in the room with him I think he might have been acceptable to ‘them’ had he come from NYC. So that leaves homeboy Rudy Giuliani, the mouth, and the possibility of a Biden-Giuliani cockfight. Where’s Michael Vick?

Here’s an old post of mine about how the NYT has had it in for McCain since the beginning.

my post about the NYT having it in for McCain



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Convergence of shadow and rudbeckia triloba. For some reason we call this variety of black-eyed susan ‘Ville St Pierres.’ I guess the mother clump of this perennial, ours anyway, came from there back in the mid-1900s. Shadow (with curious phallic appendage➚..pocket tab?) is of undercover pitsol reporter covering gravediggers’ strike last Summer. Music by Slyvan.


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Brian Nation who has more than a mild crush on Sarah Silverman presented her with this button☺ in lieu of a ring when she was in Vancouver last March. (Marx Brothers brand Alphabet Soup? in a duck base of course)

Sarah S. presses Brian’s button

In the meantime she’s gone on to make THIS

☺ in French these round pins are known as ‘macarons’


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Last night’s screening of the first ever Montreal 60 sec film festival was a howling success. Over 200 attended and saw the 78 films that were submitted. The theme was ‘a Montreal minute’ and that was open to so many interpretations..silly, sweet, lurid, lewd, dark.. We humans are a diverse lot. All the films are available on a dvd that is most attractively packaged with artwork by uberdesignguy Neale Mcdeavitt-Van Fleet who also did the M60 logo and graphics for the website. M60

Tickets should be available at the door for tonight’s screening and closing party but come early as some people were turned away last night because there were no seats left. Sala Rossa, (Upstairs) St Laurent South of St Joseph.

Congratulations to all the organizers!


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The screenings for M60, Montreal’s first 60 sec film festival, are taking place on the eves of Sept 24 and 25, 2008. This is going to be so much more fun than going to youtube. I wonder who the lumièrenaries are going to be….

Here’s a short-short (20 secs) that I made (hors festival to be sure) to put all of us filmmaker-wannabes in the mood for next week’s ‘showdown’ at the Sala Rossa (upstairs) on Boul. St Laurent just South of St. Joseph. It’s called Les gens de mon pays. The pays here is my mind (not Gilles Vigneault’s) and the little people in it who keep me up at night.

irrational behaviour

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greenspam* says it’s the worse economy he’s ever seen. i don’t believe it. i never believed him before, why should i now?..i think the opposite is true. there’s going to be a class war (the poor vs the poor) and lots of opportunities to make money. call me irrationally exuberant.

and rove accusing the mccain camp of running overly negative ads about he trying to distance himself from mccain? i always thought johnny was some kind of gop patsy. tell them your tale about being in that jail, johnny..he’s an opening act, an hors d’oeuvre.

last night i watched hotel rwanda. i guess the smart money is already stockpiling chinese-made machetes. i don’t think i have the stomach to become an arms (legs?) dealer. people will need rice. rice is nice. btw where is condi?

*excerpt from aug 4 2008 bbc story on the credit crunch..
William Fleckenstein is the author of Greenspan’s Bubbles: The Age of Ignorance at the Federal Reserve. He also manages a hedge fund based in Seattle. In his latest book, the billionaire investor George Soros makes the case that we are witnessing the end of a 25-year super-bubble.
I certainly agree with his observation and would just note that the time-frame of this super-bubble roughly approximates to the career of Alan Greenspan, who, in my opinion, is responsible for its creation. It was Alan Greenspan, as chairman of the Federal Reserve, who decided that central banks like his should not try to dampen down the sort of speculation that leads to bubbles in the first place.
To do that might have slowed economic activity, an unacceptable possible outcome.
But then, when the speculative bubble collapsed, after the prices of things like companies no longer represented anything remotely resembling their underlying value, Alan Greenspan just bailed out the financial system. What began as small bail-outs became big bail-outs, from the year 2000 onwards. Interest rates were taken to the absurdly low level of 1% and held there far too long.
That engendered a housing bubble, which was nourished by the complete abdication of lending standards in the banking system. Securitisation – swapping hoped-for future cashflow for large amounts of cash now – was spearheaded and championed by Alan Greenspan himself.
Deregulation was thought to be the solution to any and all imbalances, as the market would find any weak institutions and punish them for bad decisions before the whole system became rotten.
The truly sad part is that this outcome was completely foreseeable. It was possible to anticipate a catastrophe of such dimensions, even as the housing boom was still in full swing.
Unfortunately, the very institution that had the regulatory authority to supervise the banking system was the one leading the cheerleading – namely, the Fed, in the form of Alan Greenspan.
In the end, it was sort of like putting the bartender in charge of the breathalyser.

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CBC Hockey Anthem Challenge

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Here are two submissions to this hockey anthem contest by people I know. Hit them often. Some people already have thousands of hits. You have to log in.

Sylvan Lanken’s UNTITLED

Tom Mennier’s GO TEAM GO

Payback time. (4th and last cartoon in the Fannie and Freddie & Maos series)

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Madam Mao: The dogs..they’re for Fannie and Freddie?
Mao: I don’t think so. Those two have taken their last dive.

Fannie and Freddie & Maos (3rd cartoon)

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Mao’s junk ‘Lychee Nut’ is anchored in Washington harbor. Madam Mao gets swept up in the hoopla of the elections. Zedong judges an aquatic event.

Of Hunan Bondage – another Fannie and Freddie cartoon (aka junk bondage)

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☆Below is the conversation heard onboard.

Of Junk Bondage

Fannie: “Some are set, mom.”
Madam Mao: “Yes. Some are set for life..but not US.”
Freddie: “Daddy, what’s a bear market? ..are you going to sell my teddybear?”
Chairman Mao: “Yes..I think so, Freddie. But I have a nice little red book for you.”

1st Fannie & Freddie cartoon
Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.