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notes from the rnc watching cnn

Posted in political rant, Uncategorized by ruthanzo on September 4, 2008

oklahomebody mary phallin tawkd about johnny mccain and his big stick that he’s gonna defeet the evil with. the republican video is narrated by a deep scary voice (rove have small weenie?)) that says iran started it all in 1979 and that lead to 911. help. & all this time i thought it was saddam. why do black commontaters donna brazile & roland martin have to sit in another room? they usually sit around the table with the ‘reagan democrats’….gergen says country very battered..really! and doubts anybody will be able to govern. elephants made mess. big, destructive. gergen been straddlin elephants donkeys elephants, how bout a grizzly?
ads for oil development. why does everybody in the stadium look like they’re from central casting, waving little flags and wearing those 30s campaign this a joke. lanolin graham campaining for joe he running? brock? obama. this is a dry run for the real convention? snot. this is terrible. dear fried john mcain. graham’s gonna win war. oops they’re in trouble. run that sarah pailin video. moose, udder..we have a wood stove too. sarah knows how to drive.
something about leaving brock obama in the oven a little longer. is he a cookie? hansel and gretel put witch in oven. wolf says crowd is excited. really? oh its tom ridge. he only talk 1 min. no money in envelope.
mccain ready to de-liver the brave troupes. dis-embowel too. baby cindy looks just like john mcain. doppelganger? cinders dad bought a beer truck. masters in special ed. come in handy with johnny.. didn’t know his real age. mudder theresa gave cinders baby girl. a bridget too far. she match upholstery. cindy lady dyed after di died. her son jimmy? i thought they only had meg. big family (cinders steal babies) none in irak. oh. they’re grazing in navel academies. government get out of our way (there’s nothing in your way lady)..abe’s hand on shoulder..abramoff hand in till. john had runs, got home. showers too. perilous times for free. dumb. make-up good. kiss me sailor! how bout that moosesheriff palin. cinders hockey mom too. get the job done. what’s the job? she’s awful. i swear her nose was shorter when she started out. stop blow drying your hair it’s falling out. gloria stop putting that stuff in your cheeks.
hold up we love cindy cards. republicans shouldn’t dance. upchuck berry. anderson say john mccain bile well known. oh. video with big voice. john of arc. kissing bush elephant butts. just lied about russia invading georgia first. georgia invade independent south ossetia first. mccain men enjoy serving, incarceration. why? roberta mccain. cindy mccain. blessed by misfortune. oh god. johnny only rehearsed actor tonight. knows script. look into my little pictish eyes. fight with me. fuck off.


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  1. Dork & Cindy said, on September 4, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    he gonna name names pork barrel hey big spender- haliburton?
    Hanoi John with a series of chyron backdrops stolen no doubt from
    linda lovin lib lucas’s post industrial light
    they always remember these hicks like
    jake & tony
    Bill & eunice good white folks with specials need kids.
    Hey this is the John & Sarah Telethon. Down but not out syndrome.
    Rocket J McCain & Bullwinkle Palin.
    Hey Watch me pull some blackface from outta this carpet bag.
    Gimme a pigfoot & a bottle of gin !

  2. b'eve said, on September 4, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    bush handed bumboy mccain a bucket of sh-t & said ‘good luck johnny.’

  3. zz dans le meteo said, on September 5, 2008 at 12:01 am

    4 years ago, “a bucket of sh-t” was all that was needed… worrisome

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