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OF MICE AND MOOSE – do worry, be nasty..

Posted in political rant by ruthanzo on September 10, 2008

Of mice and moose.

Everybody agrees that the Democrats have to fight dirty like the Republicans and that there’s no point in telling the people that the beloved-country is in deep economic trouble. Just for starters F.Mae and F.Mac have a combined debt of 5 trillion $$$$$ because successive Republican Governments privatized what was once a government corporation set-up to protect mortage lenders against defaulting borrowers but keeping the original provision that the bonds, issued by these 2 institutions, to banks and governments (China biggest lender) all over the world would be guaranteed by the government. (Then they fired the regulators.) The people are gonna be paying for this, and the 100 billion bail-out to each Fannie and Freddie, that’s like giving them each a penny, if that. Hey Freddie, show your big shiny penny to Hu Jintao. But all this is too abstract a concept for the people. They’re distracted, falling enraptured of a third-rate cross-eyed Raquel Welch (sorry, Raquel) who is busily obsessing over her big hairy moose and a little fieldmouse in his Winter camouflage, the fawning masochistic bumboy of the big rat in the White House. Poor Ms. Mouse and her pretty clothes.

In the words of Hair’s James Rado and Gerome Ragni “Easy to be hard” (but hard to keep it up!)


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