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Something brewing: a full-bodied Alaskan roast?

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on September 29, 2008

Huffpo blogger Michael Shaw is reading ‘something’ into the fact that the McCains left Old Miss with their ‘good friends’ the Giulianis. He thinks the McCain people are ready to jettison Sarah Palin (because of her poor performance on Katie Couric? I think it was a set-up and Katie was hired to discredit her. I’ve never seen the pretty and usually inoffensive Couric look so disdainful in an interview before. Sheesh! She’s earned much-needed brownie points for this.) Meanwhile McCain had ‘suspended’ his campaign’ to sit-it out in a coma-induced state at the bail-out hearings. He certainly looked rested for the debate confident guardian angel Joe L. was working things out behind the scenes. Meanwhile back in NYC old Sarah was thrown (unarmed) to the media wolves. It looks to me like Palin is simply ‘not acceptable’ to the urbane NYC constituency. The rise and fall of a moose-huntin’ gal from Wassila Alaska might make for an interesting Opera to be enjoyed from a gilded loge at the Met but God forbid that this.. this…fundamentalist back-country bathing-suit model from the sticks should represent the fine people of this most cosmopolitan of American cities. These proud people payed for Hillary, they didn’t get her, and they sure as hell aren’t going to sit back and take this kind of abuse anymore. Obama is from Chicago and though there’s always a cute little black elephant in the room with him I think he might have been acceptable to ‘them’ had he come from NYC. So that leaves homeboy Rudy Giuliani, the mouth, and the possibility of a Biden-Giuliani cockfight. Where’s Michael Vick?

Here’s an old post of mine about how the NYT has had it in for McCain since the beginning.

my post about the NYT having it in for McCain


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