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de baiting suit

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on October 2, 2008

her eyes are fixed on something. at the beginning of answers she looks at biden then gwen, smiles, stumbles, then the eyes go back to.. what? crh thinks there are preset answers on her prompter.
..she says the person writing the cues typing nukular? georgie bush say nukular. same person typing cues?

biden’s head moves around and he look at gwen, sarah, mama..sometimes stumbles. he’s a former stutterer. can say nuclear.

they both just lost the gay vote. love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. not a horse and a horse..neigh…sorry anderson.

surge works..(as long as the old sunni resistance gets it’s 300 bucks per head per month from u.s. taxpayer)

biden’s mum luvs john mccain? why? you gotta lov’ you don’t.

stop saying nukular..oh god. iran. sarah pronouns ahmadinejad correctly but can’t say nuclear. why?
she was well briefed on iran, israel, cuba and nokia, gets the names right. not nukular. biden also pronouns ahmadinejad good. two state solution for israel and palestine. no greater friend of israel than biden. israel lovefest. i guess nobody likes the nas?(rallah) hamas? no. hummus. poutine? no. who can say medvedev?

darfur. oh god. biden: rally the world to get 21000 forces from african union into the area. sarah has no darfur stuff on prompter ready to read. (am i surprised? it’s about the economy stupid.) so she bluffs with something else…oh now she has it. i’m coming…alaska have 40 million in sudan? what?

mccain and cheney on same page. end corruption.. mccain knows what corrupction is.. i mean evil,,knows how to win a war..what? too bad she’s paired with that old horse cainey, he kicks. together they will drill alaska full of holes..yes.

gwen: to biden if you were to become prez how would you differ from obama..oh..i hope that never happens..sarah: heaven forbid that that would ever happen..a team of mavericks..a horse and horse? not a carriage like a marriage. the good work that he is so committed to, clean up wall st.. some commonsense from wassila (and some crystalmeth) government get out of our way! what is she saying? isn’t she running for government..

go to coffee shop in delaware.. they get short-end of stick (biden stick man?)..mccain not for the poor. sarah’s family all schoolteachers.. biden wife teacher, well hello..we’re educators. sarah’s kids go to public school. really? not for long. has she been to washington?. wants to ramp things up and put public education in the arena..for levi?

sarah flirt with joe. she say they both made jokes nobody got. he said nobody got her joke. wanna see me bathingsuit? oh that why mccain likes her? his 1st wife was bathingsuit model.. special education dear to sarah heart. mccain needs it.

what does the vp do? biden: cheney most dangerous vp in history. view share with john mccain..shining city on the hill. where? equal rice. sitting around kitchen table. forks for good. a good team (mavericks?)

biden: ohoh. single parent..wife and daughter killed in car crash. kids i got to head down to wilmington. knows about sitting around kitchen table. people in senate like bees in amber.

sarah. mccain is such a maverick, wants change. has diverse friends, lieberman, giuliani, romney? i thought cainey hated mutt. (diversified maybe)

biden: he’s no maverick. god i love him. why? he’s not supported significant changes…the stuff talked around kitchen table. pass the salt, buck. (cindy have kitchen table?)

biden works across the aisle. learned to never question jesse helms (adopted special needs person)..have respect in senite. palin: do what i did. walk the walk (runway? catcall?) don;t talk the tawk show (katie couric). stripe folks of all political persuasions. oh. somewhere over the rainbow? no. somewheres over the crossbow. oh.

likes meeting joe. doesn’t want to be filtered by media.. ronald reagan blah blah..what the hell did he ever do? mccain only man who ever foughted for you..what? come joe. i’ll shoot you a moose.

biden lovely meeting you gov. champ, when you get knocked down, get up again..good bless all of you. protect our troops. oops. sarah forgot to thank troops. ohoh.. here hold trig. that’s better.

thank you so muchy. big flyrt. appreciate that. to gwen. (naan is gwen’s biggest fan))
mrs biden hug joe. fascinating, anderson. really?

pretty woman who can;t speak likes palin.. seems a plant. philarepublica?

when the vp bathingsuit event?


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  1. Fact Czech- GCT said, on October 2, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    We here at GCT have always been AOk with G. “Tower” Iffel.(sp?) Baton Twirling- Heather Malick was right Ol Sal’ appeals to male trailer libido fantasy as well as to
    the June Cleaver atavistic B&W mentality. We’ve had too much Roy Cohn & not enough C. Darrow ( not D Farrow). I believe there was a debate in canada tonight. I’ll read Charlie Lynch in the Montreal Star tomorrow.

  2. zz dans le meteo said, on October 3, 2008 at 12:54 am

    I keep expecting to see Bert Parks singing “Thar She Blows, Mrs. America”

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