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It’s a small world after all.

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I got a call this morning from Joseph who works in a call-centre in Mumbai. I detected an Indian accent and asked where he was. India. Are you in Mumbai? Yes. How are things there today? A little quieter. But I detected (am I some kind of detective? defective maybe) a weariness/wariness in his voice. I told him that they were on our minds. It’s the least I could do.

You hear about these dreary windowless call-centres in India. We’ve got them here too. But if we’re awake, those guys should be asleep. And when we’re asleep, they should be awake. This could be part of the problem. The terrorists looked healthy and rested. Brainwashing makes you sleep like a baby so you can kill like madman.



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On the BBC news homepage the top story is the bombing and hostage takings in Mumbai. A little further down on the right there’s an item about how people who are ‘stressed-out from the credit crunch’ are invited to visit India to find their inner peace. This pic is from there. Is it any wonder the Dacca mujahedin are hunting down Brits and Yanks? (Canucks?) Somehow I don’t think they’re French.

OK it’s tasteless. What is going on there? I was only ever in the airport in old BOMBay and that was in the mid-80s. It looked bombed-out then. At least the airport did. But that was from poverty, neglect. Maybe some people liked it better that way.

is it any wonder?

is it any wonder?

Hunting update

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it’s 9 a.m. sunday and X the hunting neighbour with the italian surname (don’t get me wrong, i love italian food) is at the door. apparently they shot a deer last night at the back of ‘his property’ (oh sure) and the poor thing ran onto our property (what a coincidence!) is it alright with us if he comes onto the property to search for its lifeless body. the guy is armed. are you going to say no? D says they live on my property not yours. X says that doesn’t mean they belong to you. D says they don’t belong to any of us. i guess bambi didn’t have a crucifix hanging between his antlers. or maybe it was, ‘mother’, ‘mother?’ (fair game, no place to hang a crucifix, no soul?)

now D tells me X shoots wild turkeys all year too. that would explain what happened to that family of 12 we saw around this summer. an artist friend of ours who lives in italy once told us there were no songbirds left there. they’ve shot everything.

it’s 45 years today.

Jackie and JFK arrive Dallas Nov 22 63

Jackie and JFK arrive Dallas Nov 22 63

toughen up naan.

X puts apples out to attract the deer, shoots them, then they jump over the fence to our place to die. thanks prick.

i want to call our property ‘st hubert’s close’

Benway’s Deathbed

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Brian Nation made this ‘marvelous’ film noir/blanc 40 years ago. It stars some old friends from the Beaux-Arts and his intro to it is worth the price of admission. Honk if you like jazz, Montreal, the 60s, crazy people…& of course Sarah Silverman!!!!

Don’t be cruel to a hart that’s true.

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St Hubert and the Sacred Hart

St Hubert and the Sacred Hart

Yesterday, X, our smiling neighbour to the West, came by to ask if my husband and I would mind if he and his son did some bowhunting on our property. He lives on a small rural lot and we have 250 acres with some walking trails. The place abounds in wildlife and we aren’t hunters. X said his son had just turned 12 and he had gotten him a bow. Only 12 and now armed with a bow. I was horrified. I said, ‘I don’t think my husband would go for this,’ my excuse being that we or other members of the family often walk in the woods. After X left, I got to thinking that I have always wanted to learn how to shoot a bow, my problem is I don’t think I could bring myself to kill anything. I remember how the boys we grew up with were always shooting at birds or strangling frogs and though my sisters and our friends thought them cruel we were more than sad/happy to prepare the lifeless corpses for the Afterworld, gathering flowers to line the Eddy matchbox coffins and marking their graves with little popsicle-stick crosses (sittin here wonderin, matchbox hold my corpse.) Symbiotic. The hammer and popsickle. (Hummer and cycle?)

I recently finished reading a bio of Swedish Baron Bror Blixen, the much-maligned womanizing boozer husband of Danish-writer Izak Dinesen as portrayed in Out of Africa. It was apologetic in the extreme. (I think the writer was his godson.) He was a failed coffee plantation owner in Kenya who had become a big-game hunter after his Swedish and Danish backers backed out on him. I was puzzled as to why so many attractive young women fell for this middle-aged roué killer of exotic game (cause Blix was a party animal?) At one point in the book, he and his rich guests (they’re always rich,) whilst on safari, run into ‘a spot of trouble’ when there’s no ‘bush meat’ left to feed the crew. (The rich folks’ champagne and victuals were usually flown in by foolhardy pilots.) He thinks fast on his feet and expertly bags a heffelump so the workers can eat. Thus are Blix and his gang able to continue their killing spree. (One man’s elephant shank is another man’s umbrella stand.) A savy hunter (Ivory Joe?) is a good provider. But Blix also felt remorse often repeating a Coptic saying ‘Life is life and fun is fun, but it’s all so quiet when the goldfish die.’

Now I understand that children must learn to hunt before they develop that sappy tendency to feel pity for animals or people. A wise farmer never names his cows. My father abhorred hunting and guns. His excuse was he had once shot a deer when out with hunter friends and for the rest of his life he could not forgive himself. He obviously had not tasted home-smoked venison sausage. I have. A few years back our washing-machine repairman gave us some from his freezer. It was delicious. Also in the freezer was the severed head of a buck with a 16 pt rack.
read about St Hubert I think the makers of “The Queen” starring Helen Mirren were onto this story.

down to the river to.. play? (doglover alert)

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here’s philippe tatartcheff and the george hall glee club singing a doggie bag version of ‘down to the river to play’..

sorry bout the missing link. i’d just come in from seeing bobby dylan at the bell centre and i was beside myself. out of body experience.

Daughters and dogs presidents vs cats and sons presidents girls

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Sometime back in the 1970s Russell Baker the NYT columnist wrote a silly article comparing what he called ‘daughters and dogs’ presidents to ‘sons and cats’ presidents. The gist of it was that daughters and dogs love their fathers/masters unconditionally and tended to be uncritical giving these men a false sense of reality. Both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were ‘daughters and dogs’ presidents. So is George Bush. The flipside of this is that sons and cats are harder to please, more critical and the fathers/masters have to work harder to gain their approval. Gerald Ford was a ‘sons and cats’ president. Take my advice Pres. Obama and get the girls a horse. They and the electorate will be treating you like one before long. Get used to it.

Well Well Well

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You know when you’ve been driving for 20 hrs straight cause you really want to get home, you get there and turn off the car, walk inside.. but you still have that sensation of moving?

Well, well well,
Spirit is a-moving all over this land.

Wake up! you don’t live there. Steve’s your man. Oh.

McGARRIGLE CHRISTMAS HOUR ☆ Carnegie Hall ✼ Dec 10 2008 ✬8 pm

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☛Special guests confirmed for this show are Emmylou Harris, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Jimmy Fallon, Teddy & Kamila Thomson, Sloan Wainwright, Jason Bond, Chaim Tannenbaum, Lily Lanken, with more to come.


This concert is also in part a benefit for the newly created “KATE McGARRIGLE FUND” (a not-for-profit partner of the Cedars Cancer Institute) of the McGill University Health Centre Foundation in Montreal, QC) For those of you interested in helping this nascent charity along we invite you to ♡CLICK HERE FOR KATE♡