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Hunting update

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on November 23, 2008

it’s 9 a.m. sunday and X the hunting neighbour with the italian surname (don’t get me wrong, i love italian food) is at the door. apparently they shot a deer last night at the back of ‘his property’ (oh sure) and the poor thing ran onto our property (what a coincidence!) is it alright with us if he comes onto the property to search for its lifeless body. the guy is armed. are you going to say no? D says they live on my property not yours. X says that doesn’t mean they belong to you. D says they don’t belong to any of us. i guess bambi didn’t have a crucifix hanging between his antlers. or maybe it was, ‘mother’, ‘mother?’ (fair game, no place to hang a crucifix, no soul?)

now D tells me X shoots wild turkeys all year too. that would explain what happened to that family of 12 we saw around this summer. an artist friend of ours who lives in italy once told us there were no songbirds left there. they’ve shot everything.

it’s 45 years today.

Jackie and JFK arrive Dallas Nov 22 63

Jackie and JFK arrive Dallas Nov 22 63

toughen up naan.

X puts apples out to attract the deer, shoots them, then they jump over the fence to our place to die. thanks prick.

i want to call our property ‘st hubert’s close’


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  1. Gord 'Book' Depository said, on November 24, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Where’s Jack ruby When ya needs him- Dot Kilgallen.
    Time to write the Warren Concession. I have a paysan friend who hunts. He flies into Northern QC for a month and feeds his fambly all winter on the carrion he carrys back. Ain’t no need for being hartless when ya gots a Giant Tyger threatening everyone. New look at Anzo Depot ?

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