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In his youth, Pino Canino (aka The Dogmatic) used to stage Christmas pageants in the basement of the parish church of St Lassie, Tay.

More Pino Canino
More Pino Canino

Naan ♡


OLD FASHIONED CAROLING at Il Motore, 179 Jean-Talon Ouest, at 9 pm

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There’s still time to join in the caroling at the annual Ballz, BAllz, BALLz get together tonight at Il Motore. Features The Receivers, Adam & the Amethysts and The Mittenstrings or is it the St Sauveur Four (fresh from Carnegie Hall, now playing Park-Ex!) or both. In any case it should be great. Whatever you do, do not forget your ballz!!
BAllz etc. Caroling

Big ShamWow and Little ShamWow

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Wendy Mesley was sitting in last night for her ex on the CBC news. She stared into the camera and said very seriously: ‘Peter is away.’ ????? Was that the ‘headline?’ ..Okay. then tell us where he is please? Are W & P our mommy and daddy? If they are, then we have a right to know where he is.. (with the weather girl?manning peace bridge?) Then it was this dance: A month ago Fin. Min. Jim. Flaherty announced a surplus, (hey! we’re flush guys! no stimulus. you only get the stimulus if you have a big deficit (is that what’s wrong with us?.no black hole) He showed us our hand but nobody believed him. Zat why Gov. Gen. Jean suspended parliament? so’s he could shuffle the deck. well now he’s on board with the rest of the free?world saying ‘we’re in a recession’ and it’s time for some deficit spending after all..(creating a level playing field? for…) turns out our hands are tied..and the hair is dyed, only C&W singers should be allowed to do this. Does he know something we don’t know? Why was the TSE down today? Why do we put so much stock in the stock market? transmittal.. blah blah..first time ever in the l…oh, come on? the US was stearing the TSE’s big customers (ontario teachers fund) to their big boards. Step right up. Have some Fresh Fannie..its christmas. I think Canada is looking very vulnerable (planned?) some people don’t like our hear, hear-wigs.. and I think we’re about to be absorbed like so much oil and water by the big ShamWow but not before a defining moment of some kind, something other than a wonky skilift in Whistler..wait a sec? could ‘terrorists’ (Palin family? they’re close by and they’re armed to the teeth) be practicing for the 2010 Olympics..? that’ll put the fear of god in us. we’re not fearful enough.

The real reason Obama got in is because he’s intelligent and attractive and Canadians like that (look at Stephane Arepoor?) and will embrace him as their leader when the time comes for us to go (and he’s got a nice big deficit! though I think he’s temporary, there to ‘get the job done’.) The plan is to get us all drunk the night of Obama’s inauguration and steal our Arctic oil before the Putain lays claim to the whole shelf. What will Canada will be called? L’Hiver (and bacon), Little ShamWow, Toronto? Then the lead item on the news might be something more pressing than..Peter is away! Because Anderson Croupier (keepin them. honest..) & Campobella Brown (no bias? then why does your suit fit so well?) will be our mommy and daddy.

DEAD LAWYERS – a new video from John Felix Weldon (2008)

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i think johnny boy lacks sufficient respect for the hard-working practitioners of the law…the end scene ‘cooking video’ is reminiscent of the 80s film noir where a poor little barbie doll gets stir-fried…AND i see johnny has taken to manipulating carrots!!! those bottom-feeders have no morals at all and will do anything to get into movies including portraying lawyers (slaw and ordure?)_ they belong in school lunches.

my apologies to my lawyer-friends who are really very decent human beings.


The Mittenstrings launch DVD of sitcom and CD on Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 5 p.m. (17hres) at Il Motore, 179 Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal, QC –

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!

The Mittenstrings and friends

The Mittenstrings and friends


The long-awaited and much-anticipated launch of the mittenstrings sitcom DVD and CD of original songs is now upon us. It’s all about a ‘fictional’ band The Mittenstrings and some of their ‘fictional’ musical friends trying to ‘make it.’ But it’s real people doing the music and they’ll be playing live at the launch after premiering the sitcom’s 8 short episodes in what could only be described as ‘inanimation.’

Lily Lanken spearheaded this audio-visual project. She made all the little foamcore characters and the sets herself, writing most of the songs, while others were co-written with bro Sylvan who also helped her write and shoot and sing, play and record. Friends Jasmine Bleile, Emilie Marzinatto, Toby Harper, Kathleen Weldon and Jordan Smith all contributed material. Neale Mcdavitt-Van Fleet did the editing. Lily was aided by Jeunes Volontaires of Montréal, Québec. Jean-Pierre Fretz provided the guidance. Kate, her fleet of cars and much more. Cousin Martha took them on the road with her in Europe this past October where she invited them to sing in her set. Many thanks to all.

There will be a limited number of the Mittenstrings DVD/CD for sale on the 16th.

Joelz is on strings with the Mittens, Lewis on drums.

See you there.

Vieille mitaine.

(Naan has fixed the link)

Hannelore Storm

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In the mid-1960s when I first attended Montréal’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts, most of us young students struggled to forge some kind of identity for ourselves, either through manner of dress, mysterious behaviour or quirky drawing style. It was a hard thing to do in the light of there being a young woman at the school who already appeared to be a fully-formed genuine ‘artistic article.’ This was the waifish Hannelore Storm. She wore only dark clothes, usually black or grey, black stockings, the only touch of colour was the red cap she wore on her small head, her light-brown hair trimmed in an uneven bob given to her by her Swiss boyfriend (there’s something erotic about having your boyfriend cut your hair and not a hairdresser.) Her work at the time was in the abstract-expressionistic vein and very dark. She knew who she was. But, who could we be? Hannelore was born in Schtetin, Germany (now part of Poland) and her family moved to Montreal some time in the 50s. She married young, 17 I think she said, maybe to get out of the house, the family lived briefly on the South shore before settling in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Her husband Gunther, also German-born, was a graphic-artist and because he was some years her senior he always seemed like more of a kind uncle or guardian. They were quite poor and lived in a series of broken-down flats in the center of the city. Her Swiss boyfriend also happened to be Gunther’s business partner and somehow they were all fine with this arrangement, very Jules et Jim. Hannelore and Gunther got around town on an old Lambretta scooter. The rest of us still lived at home in suburbs and rode the city buses to school. Her family’s grim experience as displaced-persons in post-war Europe was reflected in her art and and how she lived her life. She was the antithesis of bourgeois and could never be accused of light-heartedness though she could be very cutting and funny. In the late 70s, her more upbeat Quebec co-artists at Studio Graff in Montréal developed the annoying habit of exclaiming ‘c’est l’fun’ upon seeing anything that was either amusing or interesting.. ‘Cest l’fun’.. vu son truc? c’est l’fun..c’est l’ nauseum. This expression so grated on her that she ran to her stone and produced a lithograph that screamed out ‘C’EST PAS L’FUN.’ It was very funny.

In the late 60s she went to New York City and worked for a short time as a waitress for Mickey Ruskin at his fabled Max’s Kansas City Bar the fave haunt of NYC’s bohemian nightlifers, its most famous patron being Andy Warhol. Hannelore had all the qualities Mickey R. looked for in his ‘serveuses.’ She was beautiful, thin, European (5☆s for a German accent) and aloof in a angsty sort of way. Somewhere in there, HL (as Dane called her) got a post-grad degree in Seattle before returning to Montreal where she eventually found peace and love with Sid, had daughter France and taught graphic arts for many years at l’Université de Québec à Montréal, all the while working at her art.

Below is a short film I assembled from stock that Hannelore and I shot in either 1973 or 74. (Her 21 year-old brother Christian had just died in a car accident so the atmosphere was charged.) In any case, the premise was that ‘each’ of us would visit the ‘other’ who would be busy at her ‘work.’ She filmed me running along Notre Dame St. East with its wayside cross (a relic from an earlier era,) then we stood in the middle of Papineau St. near Ontario E. in the freezing cold where we got a great view of the big spooky Pont Jacques-Cartier. Later, the voyeurish camera captures her at the drawing table in her apartment with the turret balcony on Guilbault and Clark. The score is Kathleen Ferrier singing Brahms. The text is from the Book of Ecclesiastes “One thing befalleth the beasts and the sons of men; the beast must die, the man dieth also, yea, both must die; to beast and man, the breath is given, and the man is not above the beast; for all things are but vanity.” The 1 min. film was entered in the M60 film festival this past September. The second half of the film where she visits me will be edited down soon. The filming came to a halt when our cat Louis knocked over the old 16mm Bolex that was sitting on a tripod and the parallax correction could never be adjusted again. Sadly, Hannelore left this world just a couple of years ago. Fortunately for us, she was a fairly prolific artist so her work is out there for people to see. She also made a number of experimental films on Super-8, some with her close friend Montreal artist Nancy Petry. Hannelore’s daughter France Suerich-Gulick organized a retrospective of her mother’s work this past Summer at a venue in Pointe St-Charles and I am hoping we will be able to see much more of it soon at some place like the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal where it certainly belongs.

Memories have come a-floodin’ back on this cold and rainy day so I will post another Hannelore anecdote soon.

ski biscuits by sspruce top parkinsons

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ssome offf th assylum laddies gott stickits for ttthe mmartha sstew-art show ttaping tthis pass ttuesday. weld, ddid they gget a sstirprize. (pink us? no..) 2 of them surréal and beautoxicoman sssay ‘ccrisse hymnhadjin tthere were ssome gguests ffrom up oour neck of dah oudes, the whenrights and the mickgreygles, and tthey war mmaking ‘sskibiscuits,’ aa nnew ‘ddiabolic’ sski made wwwith rrhum yum, (& a D cup of molasses? sweet lady jane!! ), ccâlisse mmind the mogols noww & yr Ps and culs ..or coude be jalalalabad iff yyou go ddown on da mine, jung fella.’ fallalalalujah! wake up in rramstein a sstump nnot hale & hhardy, boy!
wainwright and hhis môme st ccatherine llaid waissst to martha’s kkitchen & mômie wowed stew-art http://www.ith al-can pan. a foil. look for our elves.
rufus, kate & martha (stewart) part 1
rufus, kate & martha (stewart) part 2

when i’m 64

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i wanna kill macca..isle of wight? mrs. whyte is more like it..hard old salt herring.

3 men in a boat x 3 and a God. (not cubed..i’m no mathemortician)

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Here’s a good story from the BBC about the attacks on Mumbai. Makes me wonder if those Somali pirate incidents in the Gulf of Oman were part of a larger plan and carried out to create a distraction. Of course those events weren’t prevented from happening either. I don’t know.