pain is the staff of life


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I was impressed with George Bush Sr.’s regal bearing, his purple scarf and
great-coat, trapper’s hat with ear flaps and walking stick. What a fashion
plate. That guy came dressed to restore the family’s good name and breeding.
I loved Aretha’s bump and grind rendering of My Country tis of Thee shedding
as she did the diphthong and exposing the old motherland for what it is.
F-cked. Kate says Louis 14 wrote that melody. Jay Leno thought her big grey
bow looked like a Lexus hood ornament. Too bad they didn’t have a better

Obama was having a fit of the giggles just as he went up to take the oaf (clumsy) of
office and seemed taken aback upon hearing Judge Roberts say his full name
(almost like it wasn’t his) Who is this guy?


President-erect Obama.

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He’s got some stimulating to do and needs your help. Grow up!

juxtaposing newstories

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olmert has called for a unilateral ceasefire and apologized to the gazons for mowing some of them down accidentally. i guess that plane’s emergency landing on the hudson by a really brilliant and brave older pilot, saving all lives on board, bumped the high-tech razing of gaza to second place and made it look unnecessarily barbaric by comparison. were muslim prayers answered in the form of two suicidal canada geese?

Peng Guyen and the Bodhi Tomat

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The Tribecan Buddhist and her spiritual advisor on a sun-drenched afternoon in late Summer 2007.

Peng Guyen & the Bodhi Tomat 2007

Peng Guyen & the Bodhi Tomat 2007

The Mittenstrings sitcom videos are now online.

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The story of fictional band The Mittenstrings is now online in 8 short episodes and already there’s talk of a sequel. I’d like to see the radio station manager murdered in the next series…

Show your concern, give a pine box to a “faceless” Gazan

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I don’t see the point of these mini 3 hr-long ceasefires to get food and
medical supplies into the Gazans if they’re just going to get killed anyway.
It’s certainly not cost-effective given these unsure economic times. It may
make some bleeding-heart liberals feel like they’re doing something about
the problem but would it not be more humane to dispense with the false hope
and just let them starve and/or freeze to death?