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Crisis? What crisis? by Christopher Ketcham

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“Singing the gospel at Crapola’s end.”
I find this guy funny and dead on.
Crisis? What crisis? by Christopher Ketcham


So much for the CO2 hunter.

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Was this intentional? the scuppering of the CO2 hunter orbiter that was suppose to tell us where the emissions were coming from? I think we already know that. NASA used the smallest rocket launch it had. A Taurus-XL. the spacestation-wagon?
taurus rocket launcher a pretty fair emitter
bbc story

what just happened?

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first he charmed the panties off madame jean, then on arrival at the hofc he brought our shy p.m. (was hiding inside) back out for a big wave for the starstruck crowd on the hill.. the only bizarre thing was stephane harper’s longish french speech..was he showing off? hey obama, look what i can do! obama just stared at him. i thought harper did well in the q&a. more waves. this time harper seemed to enjoy waving and his stock shot right up. maybe he’ll take it up. then no sooner was stephane safely back inside the house than obama was leaping from his super-secure limo (that much was made of) and into the byward market to buy (?take, take) cookies and woo us love-starved canadians. a smile and a hug go a long way and i think we just became the 52nd state. oh well somebody has to pay for the massive u.s. deficit.

family day eh

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i was caught off guard today it being ‘family day’ and all, at least it is where i live in ontario.. turns out don getty former premier of alberta had a son with a coke habit that he blamed himself for so he instituted ‘family day’ in the early 90s to make everybody in alberta pay his being a deadbeat dad. now ontario has it (holiday not coke habit). (quebec not holiday, coke yes) the only problem with family day is there’s nothing to do..everything is shut..well, not everything. the laundromat was open so i did a couple of washes and the gas stations are all open so i got some gas.. and tim whoretons was open. tim’s must have special dispensation because people would starve otherwise..but i draw the line at tim’s. that old rolling stone song could be reworked into a tim hortons ad..tim’s is on my sides, yes he is..the governments are sending mixed messages. sTIMulus indeed.

Move over St Valentine, here comes St Raphael..

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There’s something on the BBC site today about how St Valentine is the wrong saint to be praying to if you’re looking to hook up with somebody. It’s a little late in the game to be finding this out isn’t it? It’s being suggested that St Raphael is the guy to pray to for that kind of stuff. Lucky me. Turns out the impressive stone ruins of a church dedicated to St Raphael in the eastern Ontario community of the same name is really close to Naan and could benefit from the fall-out if St Raphael were to catch-on in a big way. The church was destroyed by fire when it was hit by lightning in 1970. Maybe there’s something to this. I can see it now. “Smitten at St Raphael’s..” Imagery: a lightning bolt striking a heart. Motto: Start loving today.
According to their website marriages are already in ruins??????
St Raphael’s*
All kindling aside, it’s a very beautiful spot.

Oh oh! Dane just told me it wasn’t lightning that started the fire but rather fermenting bat guano (they work for the devil) in the church attic. Spoiler! What am I supposed to do with this now.

pronounced locally St Raffles

BBC St Valentine vs St Raphael

Australia is burning!

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Here’s a first-hand account from good friend Libby King (lives in Adelaide, S.A.) of the devastation that’s taking place in Oz as we speak.
-Hello to all!
Some of you have emailed re me ‘ealth and the heat and terrifying fires in southern Australia. The most horrific are in Victoria (State) in the hilly regions just north and east of Melbourne. This is a high rainfall area compared to Adelaide and there’s lots of vegetation in particular eucalyptus with their built in oil supply and pine plantations. If you have an atlas that cares about Australia….the town of Bendigo, north west of Melbourne should be shown. Some homes were lost there. The smaller towns of Kinglake, Marysville and Whitesea are almost immediately north of Melbourne. The carnage travels east from there. Some of these fires are the work of arsonists. It’s now 1AM on Tuesday the 10th and the death toll is now 130 and likely to climb higher. The death toll is higher than that of 9/11 taking population into account. If you’re curious try ninemsn This is Australian and world news and has up to date info.-

Check this out ABC

naan: I had just been reading about Rubert Murdoch’s 100-yr old mum Dame Elisabeth who lives at Cruden Farm in Langwarrin near Melbourne. Lovely spot.

The Mittenstrings and Colin Devlin at O Patro Vys, 356 Mont-Royal E., over the Bily Kun, Feb 5 / 09

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The elusive Mittenstrings perform another gig (jig?) Feb 5 at O Patro Vys when they open for Colin Devlin who has just released a solo album.

Click on ‘coming up’ in the left of page to read about Colin and his Montreal connections.

70 ppsi like a good mumm

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dscn24604What began as a shopping spree Chez Holt’s last Monday Jan 26 ended in tears (mine) before it got started and then was salvaged by the unexpected pleasure of having lunch at the Cafe Holt. What a great place to park yourself til you figure out what your next move is. Check your ppsi before going in and discover your inner airhead. Between forkfulls of salad and swigs of bubbly (or mineral water served up in red bottles) you can fiddle with your handheld device to your heart’s content and talk about how scary Donatella Versace is looking these days (my companion’s contribution to the high art of conversation.) As you would expect, the patrons were attractively put together proving that it’s possible to look nice, even in Winter. I didn’t want to leave, coming as I do from a town where the catwalk event at Le Magasin St Vincent (its only clothing outlet) involves real pussycats, (the good ladies of the St V de P put out saucers of milk for the strays) but my friend wanted to see what Ogilvy’s had (no more bookstore is what) so we negotiated the ice-boulders on what was formerly trendy Mountain St., once the ‘Boardwalk’ of Montreal, now looking sad with its mostly-vacant boutiques behind big gloomy grey facades. They look more like crypts in a Roman cemetery than shops, especially when the name of the proprietor is cut into the stone. ARMANI, HERMES, DIOR. All gone. Thanks a lot Piranesi.

Has anyone ‘gone down’ on St Catherine lately? More Yonge than I remember.


That’s the smallest pic of Holt’s I’ve ever seen and it won’t get bigger no matter how much you click.