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70 ppsi like a good mumm

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on February 2, 2009

dscn24604What began as a shopping spree Chez Holt’s last Monday Jan 26 ended in tears (mine) before it got started and then was salvaged by the unexpected pleasure of having lunch at the Cafe Holt. What a great place to park yourself til you figure out what your next move is. Check your ppsi before going in and discover your inner airhead. Between forkfulls of salad and swigs of bubbly (or mineral water served up in red bottles) you can fiddle with your handheld device to your heart’s content and talk about how scary Donatella Versace is looking these days (my companion’s contribution to the high art of conversation.) As you would expect, the patrons were attractively put together proving that it’s possible to look nice, even in Winter. I didn’t want to leave, coming as I do from a town where the catwalk event at Le Magasin St Vincent (its only clothing outlet) involves real pussycats, (the good ladies of the St V de P put out saucers of milk for the strays) but my friend wanted to see what Ogilvy’s had (no more bookstore is what) so we negotiated the ice-boulders on what was formerly trendy Mountain St., once the ‘Boardwalk’ of Montreal, now looking sad with its mostly-vacant boutiques behind big gloomy grey facades. They look more like crypts in a Roman cemetery than shops, especially when the name of the proprietor is cut into the stone. ARMANI, HERMES, DIOR. All gone. Thanks a lot Piranesi.

Has anyone ‘gone down’ on St Catherine lately? More Yonge than I remember.


That’s the smallest pic of Holt’s I’ve ever seen and it won’t get bigger no matter how much you click.


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