pain is the staff of life


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March 2009.

Naan suffers from chronic insomnia and has relied on sleep meds for over a decade, alternating between t-pam and z-clone, but she yearns for an earlier time when reading just a few lumpy sentences from a poorly written book would knock her out for 8 hours. “I’m always on the lookout for really boring books. Boring is key, unlocking as it might the door to the Land of Sleep.” By lucky coincidence, the childhood home is full of such tomes. Like this one: The Illustrated Guide to Ancient Monuments of South Wales and Monmouthshire, volume 4, 1955. Nice and dry, with a dusty nose, delicious with Benylin. So far so good. ugh..there were too many dates and I get the bronze and iron ages mixed up, plus the pic of the ruins of Llanthony Priory reminded me too much of the WTC after 9/11, that nightmare. Last night I discovered Arthritis and Vermont Folk Medicine by Dr. D.C. Jarvis, M.D. It’s set in a frugal faded font on brittle yellow newsprint. What a dullard he is with his apple-cider vinegar and honey potions that he recommends be kept by the bed. My late mother-in-law used to keep a flask of Seagrams 83 under her pillow. That was her ticket to Dreamland/Neverland. Doc Jarvis, M.D. likens the body to soil. If you keep it healthy bad things won’t grow in it. I wish I’d read this when I was 20 instead of The Doors of Perception. All Doc Jarvis succeeded in doing was sewing the seeds of guilt. I had no alternative but to pop a pill. This post was written long before Michael Jackson’s untimely death and it sounds flippant. Addiction is a drag.

-One year later.. I can now recommend something called mirtazapine o/d? Hardly ever take any narcotics any more. Also, Millenium Trilogy good for inducing sleep.


Before Tomorrow/Le jour avant le lendemain

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While sis and I wait for the new Kate & Anna McGarrigle website to be up and running (end of next week) I’m including a link to a CBC review of the Canadian feature Before Tomorrow which opens today in Canadian theatres and in which we have some songs. I confess that when I saw the rushes for it last year so well did our music fit under the visuals that I cried at the end of this sad tale of Inuit struggling to survive after their encounter with Europeans and all that entailed. The film won a best feature award at the Toronto Filmfest last September and was shown at Sundance this past February.
The songs used are “Why Must We Die” from MATAPEDIA and “Ce matin” from LA VACHE QUI PLEURE

the Mittenstrings

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Neale Mcdavitt-Van Fleet has created a rather classy-looking website for fictional band
the Mittenstrings. Visit behind the scenes and see the making of the sitcom which was shot at Lily’s Drolet St flat in Petite-Patrie, Montréal. I wonder what union these little guys belong to..AFofM Foamcore division? I understand they are packed away in a box awaiting plans for a sequel.


How come nobody sees this stuff?

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This caught my eye which in retrospect makes a lot of sense.

–“Eliot Spitzer, the former New York Governor who was set-up in a sex scandal to prevent him investigating Wall Street’s financial gangsterism, pointed out on March 17 that the real scandal is the billions of taxpayer dollars paid to the counter-parties of AIG’s financial deals. These payments, Spitzer writes, are “a way to hide an enormous second round of cash to the same group that had received TARP money already.”

I wonder who the new dictator is going to be..

From article on AIG Bail-Out Possible Scam? by Paul Craig Roberts.

Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday bash at MSG May 3 2009

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It’s official. We’ve been asked to play Pete’s big bash. Alert! ‘Sean, your pink light is on!’*

We intend to be there unless we get turned back at the border.

* taken out of context, a bitchy comment by one airline steward to another (hannity?), once heard.

La vie en gris ou Le dilemme de Mme W.

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These cartoons are so old they predate Brangelina and Pino who was a French dog hadn’t yet learned English.

Steinway Testimonial – Hector Berlioz

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No doubt translated from the French, in 1867 the flowery but cranky Berlioz enthuses over the Steinway piano. Kate who is deep into Berlioz’s autobiography has been regaling me with anecdotes from his unhappy life in the ‘music biz’ (&in love) and assures me that nothing has changed in that regard. Plus a short video of harpists rehearsing for the Symphonie Fantastique. Filagree. berlioz_picberlioz_text

crazy stuff

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I was attempting to scan some old hand-painted slides and discovered this highway. Wonder where it goes.. what side of the road I should drive on.

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Cirque du Soil

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When Naan gets writer’s block (she’s a writer?) the carrots are her fallback. Those hardworking little roots have proven very popular and she was wise to exploit them when she did. Just a matter of time before some angry carrot relative turns up and claims them as kin.


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