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The new site is up and running. kATe & aNnA Thanks Neale.

I have been keeping people up to date with family-driven news at gardencourt but
this new page is devoted exclusively to ‘the sisters.’ The bio is a bit long in the tooth but Kate is writing something and it should be up soon.
Come visit.


The joys of being middle class.

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Dane was reading Gertrude Stein’s ‘America’ and was struck by this excerpt✵ from the intro by Gilbert A. Harrison. “My sentiments, exactly.” Is what he said.

Gertrude Stein by Carl Van Vechten, 1935.

Gertrude Stein by Carl Van Vechten, 1935.

✵Gertrude Stein came of a well-to-do, middle-class family, and for her the middle class always remained “the very best the world can ever know. In ‘Things As They Are,’ Helen asks her friend to explain what she means by calling herself middle class. “From the little I have seen of you I think that you are quite right when you say that you are reasonable and just but surely to understand others and even to understand oneself is the last thing a middle class person cares to do.” Adele (Miss Stein) replies: “I never claimed to be middle class in my intellect and in truth, I probably have the experience of all apostles, I am rejected by the class whose cause I preach but that has nothing to do with the case. I simply contend that the middle class ideal which demands that people be affectionate, respectable, honest and content, that they avoid excitements and cultivate serenity is the ideal that appeals to me, it is in short the ideal of affectionate family life, of honorable business methods.”

Serenity. What’s that?

Campbell Hendery comments on the Little Edie Beale look-alike carrot.

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YOU DREW THIS Extra Terrestrial.
ET Drew ?
I’m Going To watch a show at Barrymores in Otter wah wah.
Wilno one join me ?
Cash or Bash U AH!


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Some people think this conference is about the economy..
Campbie sent this pic as a reminder of what really goes on at these things.

Sarko scores! Cherchez la femme, touchez la tush!

The Obamas in the Land of the Lilliputians

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Campbie just sent this in. The Obamas at Buckingham Palais des Nains. Wonder if Annie Leibowitz took it standing on a chair. Actually I don’t think Liz would allow Annie back into Buckhouse after she told HRH to lose the crown.