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the women of the lock and now the women of the hotel pool

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on July 21, 2009


is there a kingston gananoque triangle? why has this area become a ‘dumping ground’ for what appear to be muslim women?
a new and separate drowning ‘mishap’, this time in a gananoque hotel pool that was locked for the night.
whig-standard journalist’s blog
cbc story

on tuesday of last week the lifeless bodies of 4 women (one 50 yr. old and 3 teenage girls) were found in a submerged car at a place called kingston mills locks, ontario, just northeast of the city of kingston. to say that i’ve been obsessed with this story is putting it mildly. details are scant. they were returning from a family vacation to niagara falls and according to the parents of the girls (they have 4 other children, 2 boys and 2 girls) they were travelling in two cars, the 2005 nissan sentra that was found in the water, and a silver lexus driven presumably by the father. the story is: they had stopped monday night at a motel/hotel in kingston and were to continue home to st leonard/montreal the following morning. after checking in, the eldest of the girls had asked her parents for the keys to the sentra saying she needed something in the car. the parents went to bed and that was the last they saw of her and her 2 sisters and the 50 yr old ‘aunt.’ on tuesday morning the parents discovered the sentra was missing and they alerted the police. a little while later the police were able to tell them about the grisly discovery of the submerged car. at some point the parents had returned to their home in st leonard and seeing as the police were looking for the lexus i presume they left thinking the women had already driven to montreal. by thursday they were interviewed by the press and tearfully offered as a possible explanation for the mishap that the eldest girl had a penchant for joyriding and had probably taken the car out without telling them. she was not a licensed driver and most likely had driven the car into the water by accident. (the ‘aunt’ also liked to joyride?) we also found out they were afghani and had lived in st leonard, qc for 2 yrs. since arriving from dubai where they had lived for 15 yrs.

anybody who has been to the accident scene says there is ‘no way’ the car could have been driven into the place where it was found without leaving some trail of destruction in the form of tire marks or broken barriers or scraped cement and stone of which there appear to be none.

i of course have a theory and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

today at a story about a woman who claims to have seen the 3 girls and their ‘aunt’ on the monday evening, horsing around the locks and laughing. the woman is an artist and she remembers that they were all dolled-up, though police say it could not have been them as they have ‘information’ that proves that they were never at the locks except for when the submerged car with their bodies was discovered on the tuesday a.m..whig story


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  1. O'Muck said, on July 21, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    And what, pray tell, is your theory?

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