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M60 screenings Sept 9-10-11 get there by 8.30pm Sala Rossa 4848 St Laurent

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on September 9, 2009

This year’s theme was ‘Deception’ and posed more of a challenge than last year’s ‘a Montreal minute.’ I deliberated long and hard, wrote a scenario starring 15, then realized I couldn’t carry it off. I don’t own a videocamera and lights and I don’t know 15 people who would want to stand around Lafontaine Park wearing masks while I figured out my next shot. Time was a-wastin and it became sadly clear to me that I was limited to the video function on my 5 yr old digital camera and that the only ‘actor’ available to me was the faithful Rose, a cockapoo, and a rather talented one as it turns out. So it’s a bit of a dog.

A publicity still of Rose from 'The Thief' 2009

A publicity still of Rose from 'The Thief' 2009