pain is the staff of life


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oink oink shlurp oinkie oink.




All Saints Day:

In all the years we’ve lived here in the house at the end of  the long dark lane not one child has ever come trick or treating despite us carving a pumpkin and stocking up on candy bars for the little goblins. Of course Dane doesn’t mind this at all cause he gets to eat all the candy. Kate tells me she and Vinnie had separate pumpkins on their respective floors and greeted many many Halloweiners. I hear Vin was dressed up and that his little night visitors were treated to some of his original accordion tunes.

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gatemouth brown, snakes

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tangenitally? my hearing is goin.. michael ware said it to campbell brown. smirk. smirk. campbell wonders whether it was hillary c.’s visit to pakistan that caused the deaths of 100 innocent civilians. smirk. is gatemouth implying the secretary of state should have stayed home? gatemouth is the pretend sec of state. ware explains there are 2 talibans. gatemouth bored. smirk.

next big item: she disapproves of levi nekked or nearly..smirk in playgirl she’s not a fan. wonder why? wonder what ware thinks. oh. he’s gone.

black guest analyst says agassi’s rise in world of tennis corresponds with his taking crystal meth. white analyst says, but it wasn’t steroids, it was only recreational. oh. it’s ok for white people to take crystal meth for whatever reason..good.

next on agenda. feud. white house versus fox news. blah blah. what about cnn versus white house? candy crawley thin. lou dobbs syndrome? cross-border hoppers are taking all our food.

oh. for the 5th time today, all cnn talking heads repeatedly gang-raped (metaphorically) that california girl that had been gang-raped for 2 1/2 hrs. larry asks were was the compassion? deepak. we’re retarded, blames it on our reptitian brains that like to do that sort of thing and lie around and watch. my snake did it..that much we know. more reptiles: geragos-pirogi: things will come to play.fascinating. smirky smirk.
tomorrow: more on levi’s snake.

Poor old Montreal – Mr. Labonté spins his honey – taxpayers are mafia’s miel ticket

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So it looks like what everyone has suspected for a long time is in fact what’s happening. That the city is run by the mafia and the ‘elected’ city council and its staff in their cubicles at City Hall are the mob’s private lap dancers. The pap(e) smears are positive. Now the Globe and Mail is calling Vile Mairie ‘The Palermo of North America’, the rottenest city on the continent, this after Count Ignatieff compèred Toronto to Cleveland. Quelle bêtise! There are so many holes drilled in the island city it could break up and float away.. Trepanier who is handing out the drill-bits for 3% is well-named. I don’t think it’s that easy to rid yourself of the mafia once you’re in its maw. Would it not be easier for the citizens of Montreal to forego the pretense of a democratically elected council and just deal directly with the mafia? City Hall would make a nice opera venue.

mittenstrings – indyish monthly mess at il motore nov 6 09

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the mittenstrings are like mushrooms. they push up HERE and there in the fall, usually in urban landscapes.

the perils of the road, narrowly missing a pink deer.

the perils of the road. raelene narrowly misses hitting a pink deer.

take 37

once more with feeling

camel belles

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wasn’t that a sad story about the poor she-camel in saudi arabia who had been out grazing when she fell into an oil storage pit and died. she was highly-prized by her owner who had entered the rare black camel in a ‘beauty pageant.’ now’s he sueing the oil company for 250,000$.

much feedback.

auntie k’wait: i guess they have to enter camels(perhapes her name was camella) in beauty contests because they can’t show how beautiful(or ugly) their women are….i wonder if the camels promenade in a bathing suit..perhaps participate in a talent contest….
get jealous of each other…

so naan did a mock-up of a glossy.


then he-camel wrote:
I shall overlook the physical similarity. Shall we all sing “The little Dromedary’ Boy”?. HEY maybe I can enter the contest. Sponsors ? Aramco ? Halliburton ? White Rose ?
Hump indeed. Humpty Dumpty sez aye

I know this face .
But seriously, I only get it for the articles…… “a” “the”

wiener augusta:
wow. a beauty pageant for camels… black camels…
the only thing i’ve ever heard was that when they crossed the deserts they would put a stone in their vagina so they wouldn’t get pregnant…. i know sounds crude..

auntie k’wait:
now i understand the old robert johnson song….got rocks in my bed

“All the precious stones are rocks”

and this old riddle solved
‘i gave my love a cherry than had no stone’

strange coincidence

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natasha cournoyer, the young woman who was abducted in the parking lot of a corrections canada building in laval qc, was renting a condo on chemin beaulne in piedmont. it was in a rented house on this very same road that dr. turcotte the st jerome hospital cardiologist murdered his 2 children and attempted but failed to kill himself. then there’s natasha richardson…

more mittenstrings

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my site has pretty much become dedicated to the little edie beale look-a-like carrot. most hits are coming from the google image of said carrot and i’m beginning to wish i’d never seen her butt.
so i don’t know why i’m bothering to mention this but the mittenstrings are opening for james correa on wed night at

The Green Room
5386 boul St-Laurent
Montreal, QC

show starts at 9 pm

publicity still from 'the mittenstrings' sitcom

publicity still from 'the mittenstrings' sitcom

Mittenstrings Oct 2 midnight at Le milieu, 6545 Durocher near Beaubien W.

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Tonight Oct 2, Pop Montreal presents the Mittenstrings, show is at midnight, Le milieu. Take Park Ave and go West on Beaubien 2 streets to Durocher. If you’re too old and tired to make it to this show, you can catch them on Oct 7 when they open for James Correa at the Green Room on St Laurent near St Viateur. I think it starts around 9 pm. Lily did a duet with James on his latest release and they’ll probably sing it.

Yesterday French cineaste Vincent Moon called on Lily and Sylvan and filmed them doing 3 of their songs with a short interview. Who knows maybe some of it might show up on his blogotheque site

Here’s a little film I did using old pics Dane took of Syl and Lil in an ancient car graveyard and more of some old b&w footage of cars on Papineau making their way up from Jacques-Cartier Bridge. I used a tune of Syl’s that I thought really conveyed the menacing march of time.