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Mittenstrings Oct 2 midnight at Le milieu, 6545 Durocher near Beaubien W.

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on October 2, 2009

Tonight Oct 2, Pop Montreal presents the Mittenstrings, show is at midnight, Le milieu. Take Park Ave and go West on Beaubien 2 streets to Durocher. If you’re too old and tired to make it to this show, you can catch them on Oct 7 when they open for James Correa at the Green Room on St Laurent near St Viateur. I think it starts around 9 pm. Lily did a duet with James on his latest release and they’ll probably sing it.

Yesterday French cineaste Vincent Moon called on Lily and Sylvan and filmed them doing 3 of their songs with a short interview. Who knows maybe some of it might show up on his blogotheque site

Here’s a little film I did using old pics Dane took of Syl and Lil in an ancient car graveyard and more of some old b&w footage of cars on Papineau making their way up from Jacques-Cartier Bridge. I used a tune of Syl’s that I thought really conveyed the menacing march of time.


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