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camel belles

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on October 17, 2009

wasn’t that a sad story about the poor she-camel in saudi arabia who had been out grazing when she fell into an oil storage pit and died. she was highly-prized by her owner who had entered the rare black camel in a ‘beauty pageant.’ now’s he sueing the oil company for 250,000$.

much feedback.

auntie k’wait: i guess they have to enter camels(perhapes her name was camella) in beauty contests because they can’t show how beautiful(or ugly) their women are….i wonder if the camels promenade in a bathing suit..perhaps participate in a talent contest….
get jealous of each other…

so naan did a mock-up of a glossy.


then he-camel wrote:
I shall overlook the physical similarity. Shall we all sing “The little Dromedary’ Boy”?. HEY maybe I can enter the contest. Sponsors ? Aramco ? Halliburton ? White Rose ?
Hump indeed. Humpty Dumpty sez aye

I know this face .
But seriously, I only get it for the articles…… “a” “the”

wiener augusta:
wow. a beauty pageant for camels… black camels…
the only thing i’ve ever heard was that when they crossed the deserts they would put a stone in their vagina so they wouldn’t get pregnant…. i know sounds crude..

auntie k’wait:
now i understand the old robert johnson song….got rocks in my bed

“All the precious stones are rocks”

and this old riddle solved
‘i gave my love a cherry than had no stone’


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  1. Tea Thyme ? said, on October 18, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    One hump or two ?

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