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gatemouth brown, snakes

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on October 29, 2009

tangenitally? my hearing is goin.. michael ware said it to campbell brown. smirk. smirk. campbell wonders whether it was hillary c.’s visit to pakistan that caused the deaths of 100 innocent civilians. smirk. is gatemouth implying the secretary of state should have stayed home? gatemouth is the pretend sec of state. ware explains there are 2 talibans. gatemouth bored. smirk.

next big item: she disapproves of levi nekked or nearly..smirk in playgirl she’s not a fan. wonder why? wonder what ware thinks. oh. he’s gone.

black guest analyst says agassi’s rise in world of tennis corresponds with his taking crystal meth. white analyst says, but it wasn’t steroids, it was only recreational. oh. it’s ok for white people to take crystal meth for whatever reason..good.

next on agenda. feud. white house versus fox news. blah blah. what about cnn versus white house? candy crawley thin. lou dobbs syndrome? cross-border hoppers are taking all our food.

oh. for the 5th time today, all cnn talking heads repeatedly gang-raped (metaphorically) that california girl that had been gang-raped for 2 1/2 hrs. larry asks were was the compassion? deepak. we’re retarded, blames it on our reptitian brains that like to do that sort of thing and lie around and watch. my snake did it..that much we know. more reptiles: geragos-pirogi: things will come to play.fascinating. smirky smirk.
tomorrow: more on levi’s snake.


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  1. GCT™ said, on October 29, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Alas Dear Crowley trop maigre.
    Soupy Brown and Levi,The De Nimes boy.
    It’s all smoke and mirrors.
    Over to The CBC it’s a standing ovulation of superannuated hacks in slacks.
    Harold Innes was right in ’48- No mo’ collective memory.

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