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Into the woods

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Sarah Palin? Is she who she says she is?

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I was reading Chris Kelly’s blog on Huffpo about Sarah Palin and her repeated use of the expression ‘common sense’ when answering pretty much all questions posed to her that I began to think..if English is her mother tongue she doesn’t have much of a vocabulary especially for the daughter of educators. I mentioned this to J.S. a so-so pal whose name looks like hers but rhymes with Aline and who is under no aleutians about her. He said:

“i putin other way: she has common touch nYET she not fat. she russian spy. english her fecund language. a mary con as apple pi.”

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mittenstrings & huffpuppy

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the mittenstrings are doing a short set tonight nov 6 around 11 pm. venue is il motore on north side of jean-talon ouest just a couple of blocks ouest of st-laurent. there are a few bands playing and the theme is travel. lily tells me they’re doing the van horne song that audrey bean and i wrote back in the 70s when the city ignored the protests of sauvons/save montreal and allowed the van horne house to be torn down. it stood at sherbrooke o. and stanley. some developer built a very ordinary high-rise on the spot and put his name on it. now it’s a hotel.

seems trains are de rigueur again. warren buffett should know.

go to huffpuppy to see a bit of old film from the 80s where i used sylvan’s lovely big new compo, a waltz no less.

good luck. x

it’s november, september.. whatever. it has an r in it.

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what is this all about? he’s dead. oh turns out he’s not dead. he’s alive. NOW in a coma..when did he go into a coma? cnn is angry they weren’t told…dr. phil??? why is he here? oh. he’s a spokesman for the muslims. $$$$$$$$$ lobbyist for saudis?

if this guy nidal was being investigated by the military  why in allah’s name did he have two guns in his possession, one a semi-automatic? i think they said it actually was the fbi that was watching him which now explains why nothing was done. he was probably an operative they no longer needed or trusted so they were shipping him off to irak to meet his maker. why am i so cynical.

and why is it that the military is never prepared when muslims are about to attack? they had him on a security video..and they knew he’d chatted about suicide bombing. WTF! inexcusable.

and now obama’s supposed brother has been unearthed…and he lives in china..cnn’s ed rollins is concerned that if the u.s. were to launch yet another stimulus, this time to help the ‘middleclass,’ it will mean borrowing more money from china and china will own the u.s.. I think china already does. how long before the u.s. will be invading us? i think the u.s./china already owns us. and does that mean china owns irak? sp-oils of war.

cbc is trying very hard to be cnn, fox, provocative or entertaining,’s not working. i think i’m the only person watching. all they can come up with are those feet washing up on the coasts of b.c… could the feet belong to the women that went missing on the ‘highway of tears?’ might this be a nike publicity stunt?

oh. charles and camilla are in toronto and most people there seemed charmed by them. maybe we’re goin back to our original owners…

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