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mittenstrings & huffpuppy

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on November 6, 2009

the mittenstrings are doing a short set tonight nov 6 around 11 pm. venue is il motore on north side of jean-talon ouest just a couple of blocks ouest of st-laurent. there are a few bands playing and the theme is travel. lily tells me they’re doing the van horne song that audrey bean and i wrote back in the 70s when the city ignored the protests of sauvons/save montreal and allowed the van horne house to be torn down. it stood at sherbrooke o. and stanley. some developer built a very ordinary high-rise on the spot and put his name on it. now it’s a hotel.

seems trains are de rigueur again. warren buffett should know.

go to huffpuppy to see a bit of old film from the 80s where i used sylvan’s lovely big new compo, a waltz no less.

good luck. x


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  1. Campbie alye said, on November 6, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Went to chien anna lou site. gnarly. unless zzoorrow rives me to gig i shall perforce miss it. i am strung out on the mitten strings. zing to my old heart like a miel

  2. Guilt Not Gilt or Gelt said, on November 7, 2009 at 6:37 am

    I fell asleep at a time befitting my advanced years. I am ashamed that i let the side down by not motoring to il motore.
    campbie regrets thee rror

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