pain is the staff of life

oh papadum blues

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on February 26, 2010

i had gone to the cornwall hospital to have a medical problem dealt with when I realized I was the only person in the waiting-room not wearing a windbreaker with a logo on it. i did however get served…and spruce top was there too, a vision in red and white. he’s on a respirator now and even harder to make out..hhhey nnaan! what? ..crraache, hufff,hufff, LLOVE those oilympics espeshially hhrrrrrrcrouache the WWWATERBOARDINng event. spruce top’s a little over the hill to be passing himself off as Ross Rebagliati but he got the circa 1998 outfit and the board for a song (i believe) at one of cornwall’s many thrift shops and nobody’s the wiser creekside… there are more second-hand stores there now than first-hand. a sears but everything in it is made in china. cornwall used to be a british mill town. the only thing british about it now are the indian restaurants. aloo mutter.


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