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More from the tile asylum (cont.’ from Gardencourt)

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Here are a few more.

Reclining nude by Lily silkscreen transfer to clay

Baby relief - silkscreen transfer to clay

Summer of Love - Baby and VW Van silkscreen transfer + hearts and flowers


libera me

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Sometimes I curse my green prison but who needs this. Stop being a wet blanket already.

the Mittenstrings tomorrow April 22 at McAuslan’s Brewery

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The Mittenstrings are playing a short set tomorrow night at McAuslan’s Brewery down on St-Ambroise St in Montréal’s old faubourg of St-Henri. Also on the bill are Glenn Nuotio and Rae Spoon. It’s a benefit in aid of a camp for queer kids.

I think the MS need a Summer name. Suggestions: Pédalos, Flipflops, The Lake.

cheeky opticians??

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Lily and I were driving back from the New York City area where we bought a point and shoot camera. We were listening to Public Radio and it so happened I had had my eyes checked the week before so I was thrilled to hear there were cheeky opticians in Albany.

When the kids were small we stayed at a really downmarket Holiday Inn near the bus station in Albany. The night clerk had long scary brown and gold painted finger-nails that looked like twisted dove beaks when they grow too long and can’t sharpen them. The kids were fascinated by her.

This next one is the first version.


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les caves* du vatican

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Oh dear. This looks like a good time to bet on the demise of the Catholic Church. I would have thought the Church was too big to fail but the hedge-fund managers will decide. As a lapsed catholic who enjoys the liturgy and the architecture from time to time, paying as I go, I can only hope the Pope and his cardinals have, for once, covered their butts..If the Vatican’s bankers call in their loans, the way things are going with the sex-abuse lawsuits, this could be it. “There’s a fire in the priory..”  Why it was only a few weeks ago that Benedict 16 tended a welcoming hand to conservative Anglicans offering them ’emergency shelter’ from the likes of female and gay bishops etc. Now Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has retaliated with negative comments about the bad reputation of the Catholic Church in Ireland besmirching the wearing of the collar by clergy on the Emerald Isle. Meanwhile in the Emerald City, everything goes. Dog collars, red shoes, pointy hats and capes.

* french-canadian slang for a stupid person.