pain is the staff of life


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So Merck F is closing down it’s r & d facility in Kirkland. Back in the 80s the Mulroney gov caved-in to big pharma’s demands for a 20 yr copyright protection on new drug discoveries and they all went to town building new research facilities along the 40, especially Merck who built a city. I guess the 20 yrs are up. As it happens, Naan worked in the marketing dept of that same pill factory in the 70s. Back then a side-effect constituted a discovery. Well do I remember a side-effect of Periactin, Merck’s child tranquilizer (? sounds illegal), which caused kids who were taking the trank to put on the pounds. The boys in marketing didn’t waste any time and started right-in marketing it as a miracle weight-gain drug for underweight children. Hard to believe there were underweight kids back then and who the hell was giving their kids tranquilizers in the first place? I can’t believe some of the stuff that went on there in the name of science and health. The little white rats must be celebrating.


It must be the heat

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Chopped Liver Nuclear Reactor (Naan).. is not chopped liver after all.
The Cyndi Lauper House (Lily)
The Vampire State Building (Rufus)

Happy Birthday Ringo. He’s 70 and he looks great even with the dye-job. Motto: don’t be a frontman. Sit in the rear and pound the drum.

g20 post-mortem by david kER thomson

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