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Oh deer.

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The barbarians are at the gate and CNN’s Spitzer and the Campbell Brown clone will not stop them now.






Sept 10, 2001 & Brother André etc. the unexplained.

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I did not mention this at the time and have been waiting almost 10 yrs. to write this (did not want to sound like a nutter) but during the evening of Sept 10, 2001, I was out on our front stoop and sometime between 10 and 11 pm, I saw Orion The Hunter clearly in the Southern Sky. I remember saying in passing to Dane ‘Isn’t it too early to be seeing Orion?’ It was a warm late Summer’s eve and all the stars were out, including Orion apparently. Of course, Dane doesn’t remember any of this. Was I prescient? The Hunter? I may not know the name of every star in the Heavens but I know my big constellations, especially Orion, my fave.

I tip my hat to Brother André, to be sainted this week, because he may have helped answer my desperate heartfelt prayers in 1980. The ‘beloved’ person I was praying for doesn’t believe in this stuff and I did not report the happy outcome or ‘miracle’ to the Vatican. Many years later I read ‘Cold Heaven’ a work of fiction by Brian Moore where he deals with this kind of unexplained phenomenon. I believe deep prayer, really deep prayer: the kind where you go into a trance, can somehow alter events. Love is a big component when praying.

Hello, is there anybody there?

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Is it just my imagination or is there a lot less traffic and fewer people in Montreal’s downtown? Does anyone work in those big buildings?

I was just in Central Station and it was empty. Now I’m on the Via train are there’s hardly anybody on it. Where has everyone gone?

troops leaving Kandahar?

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there’s a story tonight at about how our troops are getting out of Kandahar, with this pic. the implications are that the afghanis have the wheel now.


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This is my entry in this year’s M60, Montreal’s festival of 1 minute films. Tonight’s the last opportunity to see this year’s 80 submissions. Impressive. Screening is at the Sala Rossa upstairs on West side of St Laurent just below St Joseph.

Tonight’s the night – the 2010 edition of M60.

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The first night of the M60 screenings takes place tonight at 9.15pm at Cinema du Parc. This will be a first for most of the film makers. Having your film shown on a real screen in a real cinema. I know I’m going. Here’s the link: M60 SCREENINGS. The Sala Rossa is hosting the Fri and Sat night screenings. The doors open at 8 pm for the 9 pm showing. It’s fun to have dinner downstairs in the resto-bar prior to the films but make a reservation. It gets pretty crowded.


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During the last years of her life my sister spent a lot of time in front of the tube. When she wasn’t recuperating from her many surgeries, chemo treatments caused her to suffer from hand foot syndrome and after putting in a full day on her feet she’d long for the comfort of her yellow leather couch. Weekdays it was the BBC news at 6 pm followed by the McNeil-Lehrer Newshour at 7 pm. Before Peter Mansbridge and the CBC News kicked in at 9 rebroadcast at 10 she’d visit the runway at CNN featuring Aaron Brown, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs, and occasionaly Rick Sanchez usually pinch-hitting for somebody more important.

My sister really liked Rick. She’d say ‘Don’t you like Rick?’ and I’d answer from the kitchen where I was making supper ‘Not particularly. But don’t let me stop you.’ I’d joke that Rick was her boyfriend.

So when I heard about Rick Sanchez being fired last week for what have been interpreted as anti-semitic remarks, I thought of Kate and I’ve been lying awake at night trying to figure out why it was she liked the big dufus. Maybe it was just that he made he feel good. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and conjecture that she saw him not as the glitsy good-looking guy CNN hoped would pull in the Hispanic viewers but as an ambitious Cuban-American male struggling to make-it to the top of the heap at CNN but for some reason always falling short.

I wonder if she saw a bit of Jack Kerouac in Rick. Kerouac, the brilliant frustrated writer with a big chip on his shoulder. Kate was a big fan of Kerouac’s and whenever the opportunity arose she always championed the French-Canadians in America. She maintained that even though the French-Canadians had been on the North American continent longer than the Anglos/Americans whose culture was dominant they were largely invisible. Their language, religion and culture had held them back and prevented them from participating fully in the American Dream. I think Hispanic Americans might be suffering from the same lack of prestige. While the Jews, maybe because they have been on the move forever, are more pragmatic adopting the ways of the various ascendancies and gaining influence without losing their traditions.

I hope for Kate’s sake, somebody gives Rick another chance.

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Justin T.

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Does anybody else think Justin Trudeau would make a fine Prime Minister? His detractors say he’s just a pretty face but to me that’s a plus after years of colourless small-town service-club gents. This is a big beautiful rich country and we should have a leader who reflects this. And he genuinely seems a man of the people, has a magnificent smile and he makes people feel good. The National Post has a thing for him too.

Avoir la plotte à terre

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cyberpresse story about French Deputy visiting Quebec
I enjoy reading It’s well-written and often has stories not covered by the English press. This one for instance about the French Deputy currently on an official visit to Québec. In Feb of 2009 when Jean Charest was in France to collect his Legion d’honneur medal he was met by this very same Deputy who greeted the jet-lagged Charest with the expression “J’espère que vous n’avez pas trop la plotte à terre” stunning the Premier and his entourage by its crudeness. It’s a really filthy way of saying ‘I hope you’re not too tired’ (I hope you’re not dragging your c–t on the ground.) Story goes, a female colleague of the French Deputy, thinking it might be fun for him to address Charest in Québecois, had found the saying on the internet and after checking online with someone from Rimouski QC (language police?) she was assured it was indeed a Québecois expression commonly used in the part of Quebec Charest was from. What would the late Camille Laurin make of this? So much for the old slogan ‘bien parler c’est se respecté.’

Here’s an October Crisis story about Carole Devault the young FLQ recruit turned RCMP informant who exposed the whereabouts of the FLQ cell that was holding the kidnapped James Cross. Devault was a busy girl. Not only was she Parizeau’s mistress for a year (he was her college Professor and she called him “mon gros nounours” her big teddybear) later was the girlfriend of Québec journalist William Johnson who described her as a great seductress. Avoir la plotte à terre..indeed.

Cherchez-vous le mot juste? Site the French Deputy’s colleague should have visited