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Less than a year ago, Gabrielle Giffords discusses the vandalism done to her headquarters in AZ and Sarah Palin’s map of targeted Dems.

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I’ve been more than a little OBSESSED with the John Wheeler story. He’s the guy who ended up in a dumpster in Wilmington DE. For what it’s worth: I think he was OBSESSED with the construction of a house that would have obscured his view of the river. He tried to stop its construction but the local council gave it the go ahead. I think Wheeler planned the whole thing. Remember he worked in cyber-security at the Pentagon. He left the station and headed to New Colony but he didn’t take his car because he was going to put the smoke bombs in the neighbour’s house and he didn’t want it to look like it was him doing it.  His plan was to look as scuffed up and disoriented as possible all the while making sure witnesses saw him, the druggist and person in parking garage. As far as the noise in his house, he wanted to draw attention to it hoping someone might call the police and it would look like the house had been broken into by smoke bomb setting vandals. Surely the police would investigate the noise while they answered the smoke bomb call across the street. But he stupidly left his phone and maybe his briefcase in the neighbour’s house.