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Huffpo & AOL

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on February 7, 2011

Talk about not being on the same (right) page. I inadvertly posted this on the Gardencourt site, which is the family site. Why can’t wordpress read my mind. It redirected me automatically to gardencourt after I’d typed in annamation. GR…..Sorry, courtiers.

-I would have thought Huffpo was worth a lot more than 300 million. I think having all those links to sensational stories cheapened it. It was better as a political blog and the commenters were smarter back then. I’m wondering if the way Al-jazeera English has come on in a big big way rushed Arianna into this forced marriage with AOL. And of course there was the scare of the Daily Beast, a digital rag now, but it never had the cachet Huffpo had, plummy British editor Tina Brown notwithstanding. Al-jazeera is relatively pure in that it sticks to political stories and it’s anchors are fully clothed though some have been showing more chest of late, drawing the line at cleavage. Our satellite provider has started giving it to us for free hoping we’ll be regular subscribers. I think we’re sold.

Vis a vis CNN, I like Piers Morgan a lot and he should pick up more discriminating viewers for the network.
NPR host Tom Ashcroft is sounding alarmist as he grills some Egyptian mouthpiece with stuff like ‘what if Egypt falls into the hands of religious fundamentalists?’ Hello, Tom! What about the religious fundamentalists calling the shots in your own Government?


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  1. Campbell said, on February 8, 2011 at 4:27 am

    where i kip al’s jazz era is onliest gnus.

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