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Iggy at Open da Night in Mile-End Montreal with Martin Cauchon.

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on March 27, 2011

This just in from Campbie. The libs are running Martin Cauchon against incumbent Mulcair. I think the Libs would do well to hire Campbie as an advisor though I still think Mulcair is a better killing-machine. The villain Bishop Cauchon in the Joan of Arc saga did a good job of handing over the French saint to his English allies who then roasted her. Let’s hope Martin shares some of his ancestor’s genetic material, though the name may work against him. Last Federal election Kate let the Mulcair people put a sign on her balcony and Mulcair won, albeit against Jocelyn Coulon, the little dwebe Stephane Dion had handpicked to run in Outremont/Mile-End. He should have left the picking to migrant workers. Apparently Mulcair has already called on the flaneurs of Mile-End at this same cafe, a fave haunt of Sacha Trudeau. Naan is holding out for Justin, coyote fur and all. READERS: CLICK ON THE COMMENTS TO SEE CAMPBIE IN ACTION DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST, WORDPLAY, WOODS THAT IT BE FORE.


Hi-tech fruit in the garden of e-den

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I always thought that Bing, Washington-based Microsoft’s search engine, was named after the cherry varietal because e-fruit have proven to be very juicy and the Apple was already taken. But lately I read somewhere that crooner Bing Crosby was born in the State of Washington and that sorta fits in with Paul Allen’s obsession with Jimi Hendrix who was from Seattle. Beau geste/alt? fruits vs baritones?

Footage of Japan

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An American seismologist thinks that because the water is staying on the land the landmass may have fallen a couple of feet.