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i confess i don’t watch it but i know people who are staunch canadiens fans and every year they hope beyond hope for a hab victory. i of course think the whole set-up is rigged. word of advice: if you want montreal to win, stop buying tickets to the games, don’t waste your money on merch especially those dumb antenna pennants, don’t watch the games on tv. then montreal will look like a struggling expansion team and the cup will come home.


Badly-drawn Shtrumpf (misspelled too, corr. schtroumf) – stumping for a smurf

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American political candidates are so much more colourful than our Canadian ones. They already have an attractive black prez and their next one could be bright blue, born in Belgium, if Shtrumpf and the birthers can establish a ‘president born outside the U.S. precedent’ with Obama.


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It’s blowing like Hell out there.

On our way back from NYC we crossed the Hudson to Poughkeepsie so Dane could pick-up his car which he’d left at the station when he rode the commuter train into the city. So in 2 cars, Syl and Dane and Nesya and Anna proceeded North to Montreal. Instead of going back to the NY Thruway, we drove up the Taconic then took the 90 W towards Albany to regain the 87N. While stopped for petrol near Rensellaer we spotted a fish and chips joint across the street. The place was packed and already had a long line-up of mostly overweight seafood gourmands. Now we were in line too, and Nesya said something to the guy ahead of us like ‘Wow, is it always like this?’ He looked at us rather surprised and said ‘It’s Lent and it’s Friday. You know, Catholics eat fish on Friday.’ I was raised a Catholic and I thought they had dispensed with the no-meat on Friday law during the 2nd Vatican Council. Either I was wrong about this or the American Catholics have held on to this old dietary custom, besides the fish was so heavily-battered it could easily have been mistaken for meat and no hardship to eat for those who don’t enjoy seafood. American Catholics always seemed much more devout or serious about religion than their French Quebec counterparts. Hardly anybody up here goes to church anymore. The disintegration of organized religion started in the early 60s and continues today. It can’t only be blamed on the sex-abuse scandals involving Catholic clergy, though this hasn’t helped matters.

Here a couple of pics I took a few years back of a church in Rensellaer. Garden of Good Wind, indeed! Burp.

In the last 3 weeks alone here in the Ottawa valley 3 century year-old churches, 2 Anglican and 1 Presbyterian, have had their very large stained-glass windows unceremoniously ripped from their frames by what appear to be a team sophisticated thieves. These shrines were not even de-consecrated. All 3 churches had congregations, shrinking but still extant. It just goes to show you how little religion is regarded these days, at least by some people. Somehow I can’t imagine this kind of thing happening in the US, except of course for the occasional burning of a black church in the South. I must confess that many years ago Dane and I walked off with a couple of stained-glass windows from a de-consecrated church in Montreal. I think it was St Anthony’s in Little Burgundy. It was being demolished to make way for the Vile-Mairie tunnel and the windows were just sitting there on the sidewalk.

So-called experts reporting to Health Canada shilling for big pharma

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This story in La Metropole Cover-up about the Canadian Gov stockpiling 100 million $$$$$ worth of Tamiflu on the recommendations of self-admitted drug co flacks is depressing. Turns out the vaccine is not very effective and can cause serious neuro-psychiatric damage. Great. One flu under the radar. “Spraying our money around” indeed.