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dsk dans l’eau chaude-awnold in doghouse

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he shouldn’t have said that whatever transpired with the maid was consensual. he should have gotten his physician to backdate prescriptions for 10 mg. amitryptiline and some viagra, both blue pills. easy to mistake one for the other at 62 if he doesn’t have his glasses on. and arnold,
another maid. down and out in beverly hills billy.


the u.s. knew obl’s whereabouts since 2005?

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This is a great article that answers a lot of questions we all have. Israel Shamir’s article in Counterpunch

Osama bin Ladin ✞

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I always thought they got him in Jalalabad. Actually I don’t believe the guy ever existed or at least not the way he was portrayed to the media. I think he was a bogeyman construct created by the US to scare people. They don’t need him now that they have Donald Trump. Are they closing the chapter on OBL because ‘King’ David Paetreaus is off to the CIA I wonder? And which of our political leaders do you suppose is likely to benefit from this news? Certainly not Taliban Jack. Is it possible the US is using this brilliant news to give Harper the advantage? Coincidental that the PM was in Abbotsford BC when he got the news Osama BL was ‘killed’ in Abbotabad, PK?

What sea did they bury him in? This story is incredulous and I think a search should be mounted for his ‘body.’ They were able to locate the black box from Air France Fl. 447. Presumably Obama’s box is bigger than that and easier to find. What happened to the bodies of his family killed with him?

Rally The Troops, Boys!

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Lily attended the NDP rally at the Atwater Market this morning at 8 a.m. She said it was envigorating, scintillating being in a crowd that clearly desires change. Her only complaint…some of our leaders outfits, incongruous elements indicating a lack-of style. Jack L. was wearing a blue windbreaker. Shouldn’t it have been orange? And Mulcair had on a purple silk jacket (frayed) with hiking shoes..I said they’ve been living on tourbuses like musicians and they’re the NDP, they can be forgiven their stylistic faux-pas.