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WOW! Rory McIlroy wins U.S. Open 16 under par.

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on June 19, 2011

Congrats to you Rory McIlroy and good luck. You seem like such a sweet kid, a cross between Vince Gill and Van the Man. I just wish TSN hadn’t run Cialis ads during this event.

P.S. Just wikied RMcI. Turns out his coach at Holywood Golf Club in N.I. where he trained is Michael Bannon!!! Holywood smoke! indeed. Michael Bannon was the name of our great-great grandfather on our mother’s side. He settled in Ste Marthe de Rigaud Quebec in the 1850s.


eurotrash doggie dominatricks

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today is the f-1 grand prix in montreal and this city loves the eurotrash crowd. all the hotels are flying the b&w check finish flag and I guess this little colourblind doggie mistook it for the purina plaid.

hatchet job

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i’m glad to see the many positive responses to the way margie gillis comported herself (gracefully) during that unnecessary attack by sun tv’s lizzie borden and ann coulter wannabe. (why would anybody want to be ann coulter? she’s so unattractive.) the reality is that absolutely everything in this sprawling country: business, the arts, sports, hospitals, doctors, government, G8-20s, is subsidized in some way, and some things deserve the tax-payer’s dollars more than others, like dance, opera, book publishing, things that help to distinguish us from a roaming pack of wild dogs (even they’re better behaved than some so-called humans.) and who do you think is paying for the new hockey arena in quebec city that our beautiful canadian sons will soon be killing each other in and which quebecor (sun media) will be managing? it won’t be quebecor.

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posties to be toast? politicians necks?

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Tongue in chic!
Posties & Politicos

This series of rotating strikes by Canadian postal workers is bound to do them more harm than good especially if the outcome is anything like the one at Journal de Montreal where after a long bitter strike (2 yrs) the workers ended up with less than they had in the first place and their union leader was roundly booted out.

Most of the mail the P.O. handles is junk mail that people don’t want anyway. Pounds of lurid/garish flyers make it into the mailbox before the real mail does. I know. We have a box in the local P.O. and we pay money to rent it. The people on welfare have an advantage over us box holders. Their mail arrives General Delivery which they get hand-delivered at the desk but they don’t get the junk mail, only the cheques. So the taxpayer and mailbox renter is subsidizing the advertisers sending among other things, coupons for unhealthy food, which ends up in the recycling bins of the P.O. and is then picked through by the ‘disadvantaged.’ Right-wing optimists will call this a kind of trickle-down economy. So not all bad. In any case the rest of the mail for us boxholders usually consists of charities soliciting funds. The P.O. does deliver packages but there are many private carriers that do a better job of it and the reason these companies exist is because the P.O. hadn’t figured out people wanted their stuff fast.

E-mail is how most people communicate now and you can upload huge digital sound and image files (& boners) via a variety of online carriers and within minutes the ‘destinataire’ has received these. And let’s not forget that money is now most often transferred electronically. There are security issues but a whole industry is working on solving these. (Anyway, it’s not really money per se, just numbers and not even on paper and supposedly the banks aren’t properly capitalized so I don’t know what it is hackers would be stealing.)

In any case, I’m sure our guys in Ottawa are rubbing their hands together gleefully thinking that if enough Canadians like me feel this way there will be little resistance when the day comes to phase out the P.O. (and it’s coming) and now they’ll be able to buy more jets and host more G8/20 events with the surplus. Then I got to thinking, once the P.O. is gone, we, the populace, should begin phasing out the politicians. They could be replaced by handsome virtual politicians who won’t need to eat and sleep and fly around or brag about jumping into frigid waters to save someone who was already rescued. ‘Government for Dummies’ will be a bestseller (though we may already have this) and there will be all kinds of apps so that we can run the ‘thing’ ourselves from our handheld devices.

e.coli carriers

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Now that they’ve ruled out cukes, tomatoes and now sprouts as carriers I’m thinking maybe the unfortunate victims picked it up on a short flight. There are lots of small regional airlines in Europe as everywhere else. They don’t really serve food anymore but the planes all have toilets and these always seemed to me to be places where smart bugs would thrive and mutate. I always want a bath after getting off a plane. What happens to the waste, who handles it? It’s a sad, bad situation.