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Horrible news all around for Glengarry County Ontario.

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Last week the Glengarry News ran a story about how the sleepy little burg of Lancaster will soon be home to a Flying J Truck Stop (Nashville-based, why don’t they stay there) to be built at the junction of the 401 and route 34. Poor them. Then this week it was revealed that in Alexandria a 22-unit condo project (presumably aimed at retired folk) had gotten the go ahead and right next door there’s a large funeral complex being planned. Jocelyn Lamarche of Casselman is said to be the developer of both sites. This is the height of cynicism. Little boxes, little boxes. Crying in the chapel indeed. A pox on him and his enablers on the town council. The town of Alexandria has had a water problem for years, there’s not enough of it (it tastes like sh-t as it is) and the existing treatment plant isn’t adequate for the number of homes and business now. The Quebec towns downriver from it on the weed-choked Delisle should know about this. Maybe they’ll read this post.



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So far all the police have turned up is a 32 yr old right wing Christian. Can one madman be responsible for all the carnage? I wouldn’t have thought so but apparently this is the case. Yesterday I was convinced it was a cold geo-political move.. (Let’s see. Norway still has not joined the EU. It has it’s own strong currency not the flailing euro. It’s a very wealthy country with large oil reserves second only to the Middle East. It has a left-wing government in power. The attacks were near the Norwegian PM’s office and on an island where there’s a left-wing Summer camp. (These last 2 could be canards to make it look like it’s neo-nazis.) Who would have a motive? The EU strapped with the Euro? Might it be the same people as rushed into Libya? I’m going out on a limb here and ask whether it could possibly be a country where the ladies famously wear no pants? Canada has the same problems Norway has. Neighbours who are broke or will soon be and want or think they already own our oil reserves, a stronger currency than the neighbours’, a social safety net, at least for now. I don’t know. Update: The terrorists are probably the oil companies who want a bigger piece of the pie. I would think a left-wing Norway gets to keep a much bigger percentage from the oil revenues than say the U.S. gets from the oil companies drilling in the continental U.S. Then there’s the Russians. I just googled Norway-Russia relationship and by all accounts it’s pretty good. The Swedish right wing? I wish Stieg Larsson were here to solve this one. In any case it’s a damned cowardly act.)


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I haven’t really investigated the heat thing but I wonder if it could have anything to do with the BP oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the Spring of 2010. If the oil is somewhere in a big mass in the Gulf or broken up all over the place in the Gulf waters the oil globules that are dark and dense could be retaining the Sun’s heat as dark matter does and might account for the hot air that seems to be coming up from the South. Does anybody know about the possible effects of a big oil-spill on our weather? The Winter of 2011 at least in Eastern Ontario and Quebec was really short and warm. Last Sunday, the storm that toppled the stage at Ottawa’s Bluesfest touched down in St Sauveur and I found out today that an enormous red pine on the neighbour’s property (to the North) came down on the power lines and the whole mess caught fire. Luckily the fire was put out by the local fire dept. and when I arrived today I was unaware of any of this. There were a few pine branches down in the yard but an old poplar tree on our property also broke and fell 3 feet from our neighbour’s (to the South) pool.

hungary heart

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bury my heart at wounded ego.
poor otto von habsburg (may he r.i.p.) who rightly should have headed-up the habsburg family empire had it not been for a couple of pretty big wars WW1 & 2 held such arcane titles as the grand voivod of the voivodership of serbia and lord of trieste.. a bourbon and 2 sicilies please.
once the nazis started overunning europe he wandered around stateless like a hot potato until years later charles de gaulle arranged monaco citizenship for him. i always wondered what that place was good for with fat albert on the throne, some kind of limbo for the deposed and despised until you die and your body can be repatriated to the country of your birth. actually he did get german citizenship, i guess they weren’t afraid of him anymore, he looked kind of small. now safely dead, he could return to austria and be buried in the family crypt in vienna but his heart is buried in hungary the place he really loved. this sounds like so much austro-hungarian ghoulash.
i think montreal should have lobbyied for a piece of him, after all it is habsburg.

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Wake up and smell the egg on your face!

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Rupert bad news bear.

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