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hungary heart

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on July 17, 2011

bury my heart at wounded ego.
poor otto von habsburg (may he r.i.p.) who rightly should have headed-up the habsburg family empire had it not been for a couple of pretty big wars WW1 & 2 held such arcane titles as the grand voivod of the voivodership of serbia and lord of trieste.. a bourbon and 2 sicilies please.
once the nazis started overunning europe he wandered around stateless like a hot potato until years later charles de gaulle arranged monaco citizenship for him. i always wondered what that place was good for with fat albert on the throne, some kind of limbo for the deposed and despised until you die and your body can be repatriated to the country of your birth. actually he did get german citizenship, i guess they weren’t afraid of him anymore, he looked kind of small. now safely dead, he could return to austria and be buried in the family crypt in vienna but his heart is buried in hungary the place he really loved. this sounds like so much austro-hungarian ghoulash.
i think montreal should have lobbyied for a piece of him, after all it is habsburg.

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  1. I feel hapless in this burg and
    can’t wax rhapsodic tho’ the liszt of adrian arcand’s messenger be long.
    Mon aghast indeed !

  2. helen rochester said, on July 17, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    shouldn’t that read ‘steakless like a baked potato?’

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